Cooperating with AAU

International cooperation

Aalborg University participates in international cooperation with educational and research institutions, business companies of different sizes, other institutions and various networks all around the world. Therefore, Aalborg University is a part of the ECIU Cooperation

One of the areas in which Aalborg University has numerous relations and interests is in Asia. However, Aalborg University also has a growing interest in Latin America, and in March 2011, AAU opened a new Latin American Centre, where researchers and the business world will focus on one of the world’s growth areas. AAU Africa Forum is another area of cooperation for Aalborg University, where innovation in higher education and research in relation to local needs and existing infrastructures is the lead motive.

Educational institutions and partner universities cooperation with Aalborg University

Aalborg University has contacts to many educational institutions locally, nationally and internationally. AAU also establishes contacts and cooperation agreements with other universities in many different countries.  

Business companies' cooperation with Aalborg University

Knowledge acquisition is essential for the development of all business companies and organisations, whether they are active within product development, marketing, organisational development, etc.

New knowledge is not an off-the-shelf item, but rather the result of a creative process, and both money and time are spent to acquire it. For many business companies and organisations – large and small – a shortcut may be found through cooperation with Aalborg University researchers and students whose primary ‘product’ is indeed new knowledge.

Find cooperation partners among AAU researchers and Ph.D. students

There are plenty of cooperation possibilities for small and medium sized companies alike. The number of resources a company needs to invest in such cooperation will vary, of course, and therefore the university offers a number of different options of cooperation with researchers.

Matchmaking at Aalborg University was established to provide easy access to university researchers and Ph.D. students. Matchmakers are internal as well as external contact persons who will inform you of your possibilities and subsequently put you into contact with the relevant researchers from the AAU research environments.

Read more about cooperation with researchers and Ph.D. students on Matchmaking’s website (in Danish).

Cooperation with AAU students

The AAU Careers Centre establishes contact between business companies and students. Read more about cooperation with students at the Careers Centre website.

You may approach the careers centre concerning internships, student jobs, ordinary jobs, or if you wish to make contact with students for other reasons.

The Careers Centre will also help you gain access to surveys of graduates’ employment situation (in Danish).
The Careers Centre prepares, analyses and communicates statistics of the job situation of AAU graduates.