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Find programmes and courses at Aalborg UniversityThe Study Guide provides you with information about being a student at Aalborg University and holds a complete list of the large number of programmes and courses offered at AAU in the three university towns: Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.

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About the programmes and the learning model at AAU

AAU is internationally renowned as a leading educational institution within problem based learning (PBL). Through PBL AAU wishes to secure flexible interaction between theory and practice. Within all main areas, AAU offers programmes, incl. elite programmes and profession programmes, adapted to the needs of students as well as of the private and public sectors.

Enrolled international students at Aalborg UniversityEnrolled Students

Here you can find information about the student administration, student services for enrolled students, arrival days at Aalborg University, accommodation and daily life in Denmark situated in Scandinavia.
You can also find contact information for the International Office & the Central Student Guidance Service.

How 2 apply

If you need information about how to apply at Aalborg University, please go to the website, where you can find out more about applying as a full degree student, exchange student or an Erasmus / Erasmus Mundus student.

Ph.D. student at Aalborg University

Ph.D. student at Aalborg University (AAU)Aalborg University graduates combine high academic qualifications with strong social, cooperational, innovative and communicative competences. In order to become a Ph.D. student at AAU, contact one of the doctoral schools/Ph.D. schools. The objective of these schools is to educate Ph.D. students at a high academic and international level. The schools have responsibility for the development of the Ph.D. programmes offered. The doctoral schools are affiliated to the AAU faculties:


Continuing Education at Aalborg University

Continuing Education at Aalborg University - part-time master programmesWith the changes in society towards a situation in which knowledge is a central competitive parameter, the need for continuing education is increasing.

Continuing Education is for you wanting to gain academics with enhanced possibilities of developing your competences by participating in the broad selection of the university’s part-time Master’s programmes, single subjects, tailor-made courses, long distance teaching, etc. The programmes in Continuing Education are offered in areas demonstrating a financially sustainable demand.

Find part-time Master’s programmes at the website for Continuing Education at AAU.