Ph.d Defense by Luca Turchet

Tuesday 29. January 2013 at 13:00 - 16:00

Audio-Haptic Feedback for Natural Interactive Walking: Interfaces, Simulations & Perceptual Phenomena


INVITATION to PhD Defense by Luca Turchet

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013. 13.00-16.00    Room C1-2.1.042


Walking is one of the most typical everyday activities which generates a rich variety of multimodal information. Specifically, much of this information is non-visual, and consists of sounds, bodily movements, as well as tactile sensations. This dissertation is concerned with interdisciplinary research on the audio-haptic simulations of foot-floor interactions in both interactive and non-interactive virtual reality scenarios, along with their perceptual validation, and with the evaluation of several related perceptual phenomena. Navigation is one of the fundamental interaction tasks in virtual reality applications and the use of multimodal feedback when exploring a virtual environment is crucial when aiming at fully immersive and realistic simulations. This investigation was justified by the fact that the topics at hand constituted a series of challenging open problems as well as a variety of research fields which had been scarcely addressed by the research community. This thesis improves the current state of the art in audio-haptic display of ground attributes, in the engineering of locomotion interfaces, in multimodal perception of foot-floor interactions, as well as in the area of user evaluations techniques applied to virtual reality contexts. The results set forth in this thesis are fully aligned with the goals of the European project Natural Interactive Walking, which partially funded this research.

Assessment Committee:

Associate professor Daniel Overholt (Chairman)
Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology, Aalborg University, Copenhagen.

Professor Rolf Inge Godøy
Department of Musicology, Oslo University
Professor Stephen Anthony Brewster
Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow

Professor Stefania Serafin
Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology, Aalborg University Copenhagen.
The supervisor is a committee member in a non-voting capacity.

A small reception will be arranged afterwards in the canteen area.

The PhD Dissertation can be obtained electronically from Luca Turchet by sending an email to

Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology, AAU Copenhagen
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 Kbh.SV.

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