Annual Celebration & Doctor’s Promotion in the Sign of Spring · 14. April 2011

Aalborg University’s annual celebration Friday 8th April reached an attendance record in the beautiful and spacious surroundings at the Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre. The Minister of Science together with more than 300 guests had accepted the invitation for the Annual Celebration.

Even though the last annual celebration only dates 5 months back, Aalborg University had the privilege to offer tribute to no less than 80 new Ph.Ds. and 3 Doctors. The celebration also offered appointment of honorary doctors, presented multiple awards, among which are The Teacher of the Year prize and the ‘Spar Nord Foundation’ award representing a striking sum of DKK 250,000.

The evening’s perhaps greatest cheer was offered to this year’s ‘Honorary Fellow’, Frank Jensen - the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, who was honoured for his work as chairman of the board of AAU as well as his positive influence on the upstart of a new association in Copenhagen for alumni students from AAU.

Annual Celebration and Doctor's Promotion at Aalborg University

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