Cardiac Fibrillation Researcher Awarded Honorary Doctorate · 15. April 2013

A cardiologist of international importance in the treatment of patients with a certain type of irregular heartbeat will be awarded an honorary doctorate by Aalborg University.


The award to Professor Gregory Y. H. Lip of the University of Birmingham takes place in connection with Aalborg University’s annual celebration, Friday, April 12. Gregory Lip is a clinical professor and director of the Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences at City Hospital in Birmingham.

His research has helped to change both risk assessment and international recommendations in the treatment of patients with a particular type of irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation). Among his major achievements is the development of specific measurement methods that are used to assess the risk of stroke and hemorrhage in patients with this heart arrhythmia. This is important knowledge in that its uses include determining whether a patient needs blood-thinning treatment.

Gregory Lip and his research group work closely with colleagues at various institutions including the University of London, Aalborg University Hospital, Aalborg University and the University of Hong Kong. In addition to the honorary doctorate at AAU, he holds a number of important positions in international cardiovascular research as well as editorial positions for leading scientific publications in the field.

In connection with the award and the visit to Aalborg, Gregory Lip will take part in working meetings with colleagues at Aalborg University Hospital Science and Innovation Center and the Thrombosis Research Unit at Aalborg University Hospital.

Further information:

  • Lars Hvilsted Rasmussen, Head of the Department of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University, tel.: 9932 6862.
  • Carsten Nielsen, Science Journalist, Aalborg University, mobile: 2340 6554.

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