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Schools and Study Boards at Aalborg University

A school at Aalborg University (AAU) is a professional community, which consists of one or more study boards with academically related programs. AAU schools are managed by a program director, who is assisted by a study council. The program director is chairman of the student council, which consists of the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the boards of studies that belong to that school.

Organisation Chart of the schools at AAU

Organisation Chart of the schools at AAU

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Law School

Head of Study: Liselotte Madsen

Faculty: The Faculty of Social Science

Study board





Homepage of the school(in danish)

School of Information and Communication Technology

Head of Study: Uffe Bro Kjærulff

Faculty: The Technical Faculty of IT and Design

Study Boards




Homepage of the school

School of Medicine and Health

Head of Study: Jeppe Emmersen

Faculty: The Faculty of Medicine



Homepage OF the school