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Guest and Exchange

What is a guest student?

As a guest or exchange student you can attend single elective courses, minor subjects or one or two semesters. Options, application procedures, deadlines and terms and conditions vary among the different groups of guest students.

A distinction is made between:

  • Guests & Exchange students from partner universities abroad
  • Guests from non-partner universities abroad
  • Guest students from Danish universities

Guest and exchange from Abroad

how to apply as a guest student

This section is only for students who will study at Aalborg University for no more than one or two semesters.

In order to apply as an Exchange student for Aalborg University, you must fill in the correct application form below and submit it online. After submitting the form, you send it, together with all necessary documentation to (email link below): 

jacques kloster

How to apply as an erasmus student/guest student

If you are applying as an Erasmus student, Aalborg University must receive a nomination email from your home institution before we can receive and process your application.

All applicants must submit the application online AND send a PDF version of the application with all required documentation to (email link below):

Rikke Hougaard Sørensen


Application form for Erasmus and Exchange students

Application form for paying guest students

Submitting the application form

When you 'submit' the application form, you should be prompted to print it out. This is the only confirmation of reception you will receive, and it means you have successfully submitted and sent the application to us.
If you are instead redirected to the homepage of Aalborg University, the application form was not submitted correctly, and you have to try again.

What to do if you are experiencing problems with the online application form:

  • Try a different internet browser (we recommend using Internet Explorer)
  • Please refrain from inserting links to websites
  • Please only use letters from the Roman alphabet
  • Do not write more than the maximum letter count
  • Disable pop-up blocker, antivirus or firewall
  • Try a different IP-address


Nomination deadlines




  • 1st April when applying for the September intake

  • 15th october when applying for the February intake

Applicants from partner universities requiring residence permit are advised to apply as soon as possible but no later than 1st April / 15th October.

When you send the printed version of the online application form to International Office, please make sure that you send all the requested information as outlined in the checklist. If you do not send the requested information your application cannot be processed and consequently, the application will be rejected. An application is not received before International Office has received the hard copies.


  • Printed application form including signature
  • Verified copies of certificates and academic transcripts in English.
  • IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge ESOL test (either the original test score result or a stamped and verified copy). If you have not taken a test at the time of applying, you must include documentation that you have signed up to take a test. 
  • Copy of the section in your passport or National ID where your name, picture and nationality can be seen.
  • Learning agreement

Please do NOT send documents other than the ones mentioned above. If we will need further documentation, you will be informed.

Forwarded documents will not be returned to you. Therefore, please do not submit any original documents.

What is a verified copy?

A verified copy is a copy from the original with the stamp and signature of your home university or a public notary. This is in order to verify that the copy is true to the original. The copy MUST have both stamp and signature to be valid.
A copy of a document with a stamp and signature is not acceptable. The copy must have an original stamp and signature.
When possible, please refrain from sending documents containing paper clips, string or the like.

language Requirements

Programmes offered in English at Aalborg University require that your command of the English language is equivalent to level B (Danish level) in English. Level B (Danish level) in regards to languages is considered equivalent to level B2 referring to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Applicants applying for Exchange programmes must submit the results of one of the below mentioned IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge tests with the required minimum scores – by uploading the test results to the application portal.

We do not accept tests that are more than 2 years old at the time of the application deadline.

Danish B level in English (minimum requirements)

danish A level in english (MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS)

Please note that the programme Language and International Studies, English at Aalborg University requires that you have a command of the English language equivalent to level A (Danish level) in English. Level A (Danish level) in regards to languages is considered equivalent to level C1 referring to Common European framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Danish A level in English corresponds to:

IELTS (academic test) 7.0
Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE): Minimum Grade B, meaning minimum of 193 on the Cambridge English Scale

International Office at Aalborg University has a unique code for TOEFL test results: 8892 - department doe: 99. Please use these codes when booking a TOEFL test – this ensures the test is sent to the right receiver.

The test has to be less than two years old, otherwise we cannot accept it.

​Valid Reasons for Exemption from submitting an English test

  • Applicants who have passed either 'English level B' in upper secondary school in Denmark (minimum average grade 02) or a skills set test (realkompetencevurdering) in 'English level B'.

  • Applicants holding an English taught qualifying upper secondary school exam, bachelor degree or master degree from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland or South Africa.
  • Applicants holding a Danish, Nordic, German, or European Baccalaureate (from Schola Europaea) qualifying exam with an English level, which the Danish Agency for Higher Education considers equivalent to a Danish B level in English.
  • Applicants holding a passed English taught International Baccalaureate (from the IB diploma programme http://www.ibo.org/).
  • Applicants holding a qualifying upper secondary school exam (with a minimum of two years of instruction in English during the last three years of upper secondary school) from EU/EEA countries if it is stated on the national final diploma that the achieved level of English language qualifications is equivalent to level B2 referring to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • Applicants holding a complete Bachelor's or Master's degree in English linguistics

Guests from Danish universities

How to apply

From 1 January 2017 you can apply here:

application portal


Choose the correct term

Please make sure to choose the correct technical term in the box ‘offer type' in the application portal:

  • ’Single subject as a guest student’ = Applying for a single course.
  • ‘Elective for Bachelor’ = Applying for a minor subject/an elective course in a Bachelor’s programme.
  • ‘Elective for Master’ = Applying for a minor subject in a Master’s programme.

Pre-approved credit transfer and documentation

Please upload the study board’s pre-approval of your study activities (as a guest student) at Aalborg University. Further, you need to upload a transcript from your current programme.

Since you must meet any specific entry requirements you will need to upload your diploma from upper secondary school (in case you apply for courses at a Bachelor’s programme), or your Bachelor’s degree diploma (in case you apply for courses at a Master’s programme).

If you apply as a guest student for a minor subject (gymnasie-sidefag), and your major subject is a upper secondary school subject, a pre-approval from your study board is not necessary.

Application deadline

  • February intake 2017: 1 november 2016

  • September intake 2017: 1 April 2017


  • February intake 2018: 15 october

  • September intake 2018: 1 March

Response to your application

Response will be given continuously.

Cultural agreement programme

Scholarships are offered to Master's degree- and PhD-level students from higher education institutions in the following countries:

  • China, Japan, Israel, Egypt, Russia

Read more about the Cultural Agreement programme

Contact information


International coordinator

Jacques Kloster





Rikke Hougaard Sørensen