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How and when to apply

How to apply

Applications for Master’s programmes must be submitted in the Danish application portal. You need to create a profile in the application portal in order to submit your application(s) for the study programme(s) of your choice.

Please note: You are responsible for keeping yourself updated on the status of your application by often logging into the application portal and by reading and responding to any new messages. 


Applying for max 3 Master’s programmes at Aalborg University

Aalborg University accepts a maximum of 3 priorities for each applicant to a Master's programme. Any application with priorities exceeding this amount will be rejected without further notice.

Application deadlines

February 2018 intake

15 October. 
Please note that not all programmes are offered in february. 

September 2018 intake

1 March. 

Guides to the application portal

Download guide to the Application Portal:

How to Login



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Documentation requirements 

The entire set of documentation must be uploaded to each of your applications. For ease of understanding, please merge each individual document into one file before uploading. For instance - If you have transcripts of six pages, please merge them into one file, do not upload them as six different files. This goes for all the application requirements.

Please note: Aalborg University does not accept documents sent by post or email.

If the documents you have uploaded are not sufficient, you will be requested to submit further documentation. We will give you a detailed explanation of extra documentation we need from you and give you a deadline for uploading it to us.

Required documents

  • Diploma and Diploma Supplement (If you have not yet completed your Bachelor’s degree, please upload your transcript) (translated into English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian)
  • Bachelor’s degrees transcripts showing all grades and courses (translated into English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian)
  • Danish Residence Permit Card and letter (only applies to non-EU citizens – who already have a residence permit in Denmark)
  • English test or an official receipt confirming that you have registered for a test. Please note that applicants attending or holding a Professional Bachleor’s degree taught in English are not exempted from submitting an English test. (see here for English requirements)
  • Copy of valid passport or European National ID
  • Receipt for paid application fee (only applies to non-EU citizens)
  • Letter of motivation

  • CV / Resume

  • Official curriculum/syllabus for your Bachelor’s studies or another official description of your Bachelor’s degree in English (if available)

  • Offcial description of the grading system from your home university (if available) (only applies to non-EU citizens) 

  • Letter of exemption (only relevant for current Bachelor's degree students at Aalborg University, who do not expect to complete a Bachelor’s degree prior to the commencement of the Master’s programme)

  • Reference letters (optional) 


Additional requirements

If you are applying for Entrepreneurial Engineering or Operations and Innovation Management, MSC in Technology in Copenhagen, you must also prove your level of Mathematics. In order to do so, please upload:

  • Upper Secondary School diploma
  • Verification form (not needed if a C-level or higher in mathematics was an admission requirement for your bachelor from a Danish institution)

Deadlines for meeting the admission requirements

Non-EU citizens

  • If you do not hold a valid Danish residence permit: 17 June (September intake), 19 November (February intake)
  • If you hold a valid Danish residence permit: 1 September (September intake), 1 February (February intake)

EU citizens

  • September intake: 1 September 

  • February intake: 1 February

Current AAU-students

  • September intake: 1 September

  • February intake: 1 February

Application decisions

Three possible decisions

We will answer your application with one of the followiing decisions:


You fulfill all requirements and have been offered a place at Aalborg University.

Conditional admission

You do not fulfill the entire admission requirements. You will receive a message in the application portal which outlines the specific conditions you must fulfill and document before you can be fully admitted. The message states a deadline within which you must fulfill and document the admission requirements.

Please note that you cannot study at Aalborg University on a conditional admission. You must be fully admitted in order to initiate your studies, unless you are admitted on the condition that you complete supplementary courses simultaneously with your studies here. The latter option is only possible for applicants holding an EU-citizenship.


You do not fulfil the admission requirements. It will be specified in the rejection message precisely which criteria you did not fulfil.

When will you be informed of the decision?

No later than

February intake: 28 November
September intake: 10 June

Confirming an offer of enrolment - deadline

You must respond to the offer within the deadline stated in the message in the application portal. The offer can be either unconditional or conditional. Usually you will have only a few days to respond. You must respond to the offer, otherwise you will lose the offer, and the place will be passed on to the next qualified applicant.

Mandatory credit transfer

You are obliged under Danish legislation to state and apply for a credit transfer for all passed courses from previously studies at the same level.

read more about credit transfer.

Important dates

Application deadline September intake:

1 March 2018

Answer to your application

No later than 10 June

Non-EU documentation/payment deadline

17 June

Accept/decline study place

15 June

Availble study place announced

2 July

questions about the application procedure?

We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions about the application procedure.

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