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Land Management

Land Management

Land Management

Would you like to work with key issues and challenges associated with land tenure, land value, land use and land development in the ‘making of places’? Master of Science (MSc) in Surveying, Planning and Land Management with specialisation in Land Management combines theories and methodologies from social and political science with property economics and legislation. It also explores the limits and opportunities of technology in dealing with land related issues, such as e-governance. Hence, it offers a complex, interdisciplinary, and solution-oriented approach in dealing with land management issues.

The aim of the programme in Surveying, Planning and Land Management with specialisation in Land Management is to provide knowledge and competence in dealing with land management issues, building adequate land administration systems as well as spatial governance as an infrastructure to implement land-related policies and land management strategies.

Land administration systems are a basis for conceptualizing rights, restrictions, and responsibilities. It deals with managing relations between people, policies and places in support of sustainable spatial development. Land management is therefore concerned with the governing as well as the governance of land. It includes careful consideration of the interaction between public authorities, private developers and businesses, land owners, and citizens.

It takes two years to attain a master degree in Land Management, and during this time you will meet a wide range of teachers who will present you with new knowledge in key areas.

The educational programme is internationally oriented, and attracts Danish as well as international students. Furthermore the educational programme offers the opportunity of an internship or/and an external study as well as study trips inside and outside Denmark during the 3rd semester.

Read on in this study guide about the academic content of Land Management at Aalborg University.