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Withdrawal from AAU

How to withdraw from AAU

If you wish to deregister/withdraw from your programme, you must request deregistration/withdrawal via STADS-selfservice (Administration - Request withdrawal).

Under normal circumstances, deregistration will be with effect from the time Study Service at Aalborg University receives your deregistration, no sooner. Therefore, it is not possible to withdraw retroactively. Study Service is responsible for notifying the Danish Immigration Services of your deregistration from Aalborg University.

Conditions you should be aware of

If you de-register from your programme, you need to be aware of the following:

  • If you deregister from a bachelor or profession bachelor programme before completing and passing the first year of study, you need to reapply for admission through optagelse.dk if you at some point want to resume your studies.
  • You do not have a right to be re-enrolled in the study programme you are deregistering from as re-enrolment, among other things, necessitates that there is an available study place (this is only relevant for programmes with restricted admission) and that no other circumstances prevent re-enrolment, e.g. that you have used all your exam attempts or exceeded fixed deadlines without being entitled to exemption.
  • In a potential re-enrolment, you are enrolled in the most recent, relevant curriculum and you cannot necessarily get full credit for study activities you have already passed if the curriculum has been changed radically in the intervening time, both regarding the academic content and the structure of the programme.
  • If it is possible to re-enrol in the same programme, this may happen no earlier than five months after deregistration.
  • Re-enrolment can only happen as of 1 February or 1 September.


You should be aware that Aalborg University can terminate your enrolment in university programmes if you have not been an active student in your bachelor, profession bachelor or master’s programme in the past year.

Lack of participation is defined as follows: ‘the student has failed within the last year to pass one exam’.
If you have passed exams as a guest student at another university as a part of an overall programme approved by Aalborg University, these are considered passed exams. You can apply for an exemption if the grounds for your lack of participation include pregnancy, adoption, illness, compulsory military service or other special circumstances.


Need counselling?

Having doubts about your choice of programme? Do you have difficulties managing student life, or do you need advice on other issues related to your study? You can always ask a student counsellor.

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