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Call for papers: Multicultural Groups and Problem-Based Learning

Call for papers: Multicultural Groups and Problem-Based Learning

Registration deadline (with paper): 1 March 2018. Registration deadline (without paper): 1 April 2018.


17.04.2018 kl. 09.30 - 17.04.2018 kl. 17.00


Research has identified multicultural teamwork as a key challenge in international, interdisciplinary learning environments. Socio‐cultural, linguistic and disciplinary differences are commonly presented as sources of noise and conflict within a group, and rather than taking such a risk many students will deselect working in multicultural teams. As a result, learners miss the opportunities that multicultural teams provide for intercultural knowledge‐sharing and learning.

The organisers would like to invite contributions from colleagues who are interested in partaking in a theoretical and empirical discussion on the conference theme Multicultural teamwork and problem‐based learning. Your paper may depart from either of the two themes or any combination thereof.

Conference topics include:

  • When and how are teams ‘multicultural? 

  • Multiculturalism: from ‘problem’ to resource? 

  • Group dynamics in a multicultural team 

  • Team roles and leadership in multicultural teams 

  • The project supervisor as intercultural educator?

  • Problem‐Based Learning: A way to teach multicultural teamwork?

The aim of the conference is to facilitate a discussion of pedagogic practice, departing from actual supervision and classroom practices. We should therefore especially like to invite papers from scholars focusing not only on identifying problems, but also on the development of possible solutions.

Plenary speakers

Please note that colleagues, who would like to partake in the conference without presenting a paper, are welcome to do so. However, please let us know in advance by registering.

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Practical information

Conference organisers: Lone Krogh, Ane Bislev and Hanne Tange, on behalf of the C‐Inter group.

Conference venue: Kroghstræde 3, Aalborg University Participation is free and includes lunch.

Maximum number of participants: 80. Registration deadline (with paper): March 1 Registration deadline (without paper): 1 April 2018.

Please register here: http://kortlink.dk/sn7u


Practical questions: Marianne Ellersgaard (ellersgaard@cgs.aau.dk)

Academic questions: Hanne Tange (tange@cgs.aau.dk)


The C-Inter Group, Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University


Kroghstræde 3, Aalborg University

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