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Open seminar on US politics with Michael Lipsky and Evelyn Brodkin

The Upheaval in American Politics: A Conversation about the US Welfare State, Policy, and Politics in the Af-termath of the 2016 Election


06.04.2017 kl. 13.00 - 15.00


The US election and the Trump presidency present profound challenges to the American welfare state, raising questions about government's future role in social, labor market, human rights, and environmental protections. Michael Lipsky and Evelyn Brodkin share their reflections on the election and its aftermath in a conversation about its potential implications for aspects of US policy and politics.

Michael Lipsky, who will receive the honory doctorate degree from Aalborg University 2017, is Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos and Research Professor at Georgetown University. Lipsky is the founding father of the research field in street-level bureaucracy theory and the author of the award winning book “Street-level Bureaucracy; Dilemmas of the Individual in Public Services”.

Evelyn Brodkin, University of Chicago, is newly appointed part-time professor at Aalborg University at Department of Political Science and Department of Sociology and Social Work. Brodkin's research investigates the politics of the American welfare state and, specifically, how public policies and institutions are reshaping the politics of poverty and inequality. Brodkin is furthermore one of the leading scholars of street-level organizations. One important contribution in this field is the co-edited book “Work and the Welfare State: Street-Level Organizations and Workfare Politics” (Georgetown University Press).

Discussant, Professor Christian Albrekt Larsen




Department of Political Science and Department of Sociology and Social Work


Auditorium B, Fibigerstræde 15

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