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The Aalborg University Board

The AAU Board is the highest authority of Aalborg University. The University Board represents the interests of the University as an institution of education and research and determines guidelines for the organisation, long-term activities and the development of the University.

The Aalborg University Board

Other tasks of the AAU Board

Tasks of the Aalborg University Board:

  • Approval of the University budget as recommended by the Rector, including the general allocation of university resources and the principles governing the spending of resources. Signing of the accounts.
  • Preparation of University regulations and any amendments of these for subsequent approval by the Minister.
  • Appointment and dismissal of the University Rector; appointment and dismissal of other senior managers (Pro-rector and University Director) as recommended by the Rector.
  • Signing of development contract with the Minister
  • The chairperson of the University Board is authorised to enter into commitments regarding real property together with a member of the University Board.

Composition of the AAU University Board

The University Board consists of 11 members, six of which are from outside of the University. Two board members represent the academic staff, including PhD fellows; one board member represents the support staff; and two board members represent the students. The Rector, the Pro-Rector and the University Director participate as non-voting members (observer status).

The University Board’s term of office is four years. The student representatives of the University Board are elected for one two-year term at a time. Reappointment of external board members may take place once.

External representatives

  • Ann-Helén Bay
  • Lene Espersen (Chairman of the University Board)
  • Ulla Tofte
  • Mette Davidsen-NielsenGrimur Lund
  • Jens Kristian Gøtrik (Deputy chairman)
  • Vacant. Appointment in process

Academic staff representatives (VIP)

  • Marie Jull Sørensen
  • Søren Nielsen

Support staff representative (TAP)

  • Jane Bjerregaard

Student representatives

  • Lukas Bjørn Leer Bysted
  • Tsinat Berhane


Contact AAU

If you have general questions about Aalborg University's organisation, please contact:

Rector's Office
E-mail: rektorsekretariatet@adm.aau.dk

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