Staff representatives

Staff representatives

In the AAU Board there are two academic staff representatives and a technical/administrative staff representative.


Antje Gimmler

Academic staff representative

Antje Gimmler (born 1961) has since 2012 been employed as a professor of Applied Philosophy at the Department of Culture and Learning, AAU. Previously (2002-2012) she was employed as an associate professor of social theory at the Department of Sociology and Social Work, AAU. She holds a degree in philosophy (PhD) with the minor subjects history, literature and sociology from the universities of Freiburg, FU Berlin and Bamberg and came to AAU after a lecturer at the University of Marburg.

She has been a member of various department councils (University of Marburg, Department of Sociology and Social Work, AAU and Culture and Learning, AAU) and a member of the Faculty Council of Social Sciences, AAU. In addition, she was the program manager for the Ph.D. the program "Learning and Philosophy" at the Department of Culture and Learning. She has experience as a member of international expert groups for the evaluation of interdisciplinary institutes and research initiatives.

She has many years of experience in interdisciplinary collaboration with other disciplines (including medical science and engineering), a topic which she now also takes up as a research topic. Interdisciplinarity is often seen as a necessity for solving the so-called ‘wicked problems’, but there is not much research on when interdisciplinarity actually benefits research, and how to actually achieve success in collaborations. This also includes that collaboration with the surrounding community, with organizations, public institutions or private companies must be considered in the new interdisciplinary setup. She sees combining the classic epistemic quality criteria with the new demands for application orientation as a task for Applied Philosophy.

Antje Gimmler's field of research is social philosophy and various forms of applied philosophy. Topics she has worked on include democracy and the digital public, the concept of health, the role of technology in society, recognition and world citizenship in modern society. In recent years, she has focused on new forms of knowledge in the context of the new roles that science plays in modern society. The kind of applied theory of science she works with is inspired by philosophical pragmatism, neopragmatism and critical theory.

In terms of teaching, Antje Gimmler is associated with the education in Applied Philosophy, where she teaches at bachelor's and master's level. In addition, she teaches in the education Techno-Anthropology, sociology and in civil engineering educations. She has supervised 12 Ph.D. students and has long experience as a Ph.D. assessor.

Antje Gimmler is selected as a member of the board from 1 February 2020 to 31 January 2024.



Kjeld NielsenAcademic staff representative

Kjeld Nielsen (born 1958) has been employed at Aalborg University since 2009, and has a degree in civil engineering in Business Systems (1986), and obtained his PhD in Mass Customization (2013) at the Department of Materials and Production, both from Aalborg University.

Kjeld was a co-founder of the company LASAT Communications, a technology company in the field of data communication. Following the divestment of the company in 1998, Kjeld has partly been director of Pantec (1998-2003) and partly interim manager of PGA Denmark (2006-2008). Since the early 90s also board member of private companies.

Kjeld is the coordinator of the Mass Customization research group, of which he has been co-author, where the main focus in the research is currently on reconfigurable production equipment for handling variance and volume funded by the Danish Industry Foundation. The research group is also involved in the Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE), also involved in international projects as well as a few ERASMUS + projects. Kjeld is a teacher and project supervisor at all levels of the study programs Global Business Systems, Management Engineering and Production. He passes on his interests in entrepreneurship, innovation and start-up to students through teaching and project guidance at Entrepreneural Engineering.

Kjeld has been involved in the governing bodies throughout his employment and has recently, in addition to involvement at departmental level through the collaboration committee, also been a member of the academic council at the Faculty of Engineering and Science, which he continues during this period.

Kjeld Nielsen is selected as a member of the board from 1 February 2020 to 31 January 2024.


Vacant Position

Technical/administrative representative (Vacant)


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