Student representatives

Student Representatives


Linea Winkler Pedersen-UlrichSimon Mæng Tjørnehøj (born 1993) is studying medicine, and has been very involved in student politics and volunteer activities at Aalborg University since his first semester.

Linea Winkler Pedersen-Ulrich (born 1998) is studying psychology at Aalborg University. Since the start of her studies in 2018, Linea has been committed to making the study better for her fellow students, first locally at the psychology program and then in a broader context. She has both served as deputy chair of her study board and has been a student representative on both the department council and the academic council HUM.

Since her inception in student politics, Linea has fought for broad and real student involvement. She has helped to focus on when changes are in students' favor. Linea attaches great importance to having heard her fellow students before she becomes involved in various decision-making processes and discussions. She ensures this, among other things, by being a deputy chair in the Student Society, where she arranges and participates in events that get students across years, studies and faculties to form relationships and exchange experiences.

In her work, Linea will, among other things, focus on involving students broadly in decision-making processes at Aalborg University, and she will help to ensure a real involvement of students in all parts of the university, where it is meaningful.

Linea is selected as a member of the board from 1 February 2021 to 31 January 2023.


Marie Elisabet Strøyberg 

Marie Elisabet Strøyberg

Marie Elisabet Strøyberg (born 1998) studies medicine at Aalborg University. Since the beginning of her studies, Marie has been very involved in volunteer activities with a great commitment to student politics.

She has been active in local student associations, including serving as chair of the faculty council at the Faculty of Medicine. Marie has worked on students' well-being locally in the Student Society Student Forum and nationally through the DSF Welfare and Social Affairs Committee.

Marie has served on the Academic Council of the Faculty of Medicine from 2020 to 2022. She was elected to sit on the university’s Study Environment Council and served on the Aalborg University Appointments Committee. Marie has also represented the students in the Council for Quality Assurance and Development since the end of 2020.

For her work in student politics, Marie’s emphasis has been on keeping the students' words in focus. She also brings this emphasis to her board work where she will bring attention to issues such as the mental well-being of the students. Marie also hopes to help create a university with greater transparency for her fellow students.

Marie was elected as a member of the Board to serve from 1 February 2022 to 31 January 2024.


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