Executive Directors at Aalborg University

The Rector is head of the Executive Management and delegates work tasks and responsibility to the members of the Executive Management. The Executive Management meets every three weeks.

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Rector's Office

Areas of responsibility of the Executive Management

Rector’s tasks

Rector Per Michael Johansen undertakes the day-to-day management of Aalborg University within the framework laid down by the AAU Board.

  • Rector signs for the University, with the exception of transactions pertaining to real property, and decides in all matters that are not assigned to others by law, statute or delegation
  • Rector recommends the appointment and dismissal of the senior managers (pro-rector and university director) to the Board, and appoints and dismisses the managers of all other main areas, i.e. the dean of each academic main area, a managing director for the Danish Building Research Institute and a head librarian of the university library
  • Rector recommends the budget to the University Board and signs the accounts
  • Rector determines guidelines for the day-to-day management of the University and stipulates management competence in delegation declarations
  • Rector speaks on behalf of the University

Pro-rector’s tasks

Aalborg University’s Pro-rector acts on behalf of the Rector.

  • In the absence of the Rector, the Pro-rector will assume all duties and powers of the Rector
  • The Pro-rector also assists the Rector in his day-to-day management of AAU, and the Rector may delegate responsibility for specific issues to the Pro-rector
  • Consequently, the Pro-rector is the chair of a number of rector’s committees and councils, in agreement with the Rector

University Director’s tasks

The University Director's tasks are laid down in a job description prepared by the Rector and approved by the University Board.

  • The University Director is responsible for the AAU administration
  • The University Director advises the Rector and the University Board on issues pertaining to the administrative operation and development of the University
  • The University Director must ensure that the administration operates as a competent service organisation which supports the University management, staff and students, and that the laws, rules and regulatory requirements pertaining to the University are complied with
  • In addition to this, the University Director is responsible for the ongoing development of the University's administrative functions and for the competence development of staff

Tasks of Deans and Pro-deans

The deans undertake the management of the faculties and are responsible for:

  • ensuring cohesion between research and education and the quality of education and teaching activities
  • ensuring inter-disciplinary quality development of education and research at the faculty
  • employing and dismissing the head of each department
  • appointing study boards and approving chairs and deputy chairs of study boards
  • appointing a PhD committee and a chair and deputy chair of this committee
  • appointing and dismissing directors of studies as recommended by the study boards appointed
  • approving regulations and curricula proposed by the study board
  • dissolving study boards or PhD committees (in special circumstances)
  • taking on study board or PhD committee tasks (in special circumstances)

The Pro-dean is the Dean’s deputy. The Dean and Pro-dean constitute the Dean’s Office, which is the highest authority of the Faculty. The Pro-dean is appointed by and refers to the Dean, but must also be approved by the Rector. The Pro-dean undertakes tasks in agreement with the Dean. 


Tasks of the innovation Director

  • The Innovation Director undertakes the day-to-day management of AAU Innovation.