Student Organisations for AAU students

As a student at Aalborg University (AAU), you are welcome to join the student organisations below and make use of any of their offers.

If you have any suggestions to be added to this list of student organisations, you are most welcome to contact


Agenda (in Danish) is the students magazine, that gives the approximately 14.000 students at AAU the opportunity to read more about Aalborg University and the city of Aalborg.

Agenda covers all aspects of the student life – both the social and the academic part.




AIESEC is an international youth organisation for young people which offers personal and professional development through intercultural exchange. For AAU students and new graduates AIESEC offers:

  • professional paid and unpaid internships abroad with companies and universities 
  • volunteering for Global Sustainable Development Goals
  • cross-cultural learning and workshops with AIESEC
  • AIESEC membership in Aalborg 

An AIESEC experience enables you to deepen and apply your professional competences and gain relevant soft skills such as adaptability and communicativeness. Moreover, it is a step forward towards a personal worldwide network, which will ultimately give you a competitive advantage in any future job.

Board of European Students of Technology

Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) – is a non-political and non-commercial student organisation, run by students, for students. BEST works to further the communication, cooperation and exchange opportunities for students across Europa. BEST Aalborg is a local division of the European organisation for engineering students. Would you like to experience Europe from within? We offer summer courses in countries throughout Europe, competitions for engineers and much more!


At Bridge, we strive to connect ambitious students with professionals in the Copenhagen area and beyond. What drives us, is to contribute to social goals and support organisations that we think are worth working with, while gaining professional experience and expand our network.

Communication and language

Communication and Language (in Danish) is an organisation for people within the areas of communication and language on the Danish labour market or at educational institutions.


Create Jam

If you are interested in games, this event is for you. "Create Jam" is a biannual game jam which takes place in the Create building. One weekend during each semester, people from different studies get together, form groups, and make games! Including board games. During the event, there's stuff like: a keynote talk given by people from the game dev industry, prizes for the best games, and free snacks and coffee. It doesn't matter if you are a veteran game dev or if you are new to making games. Come by, meet new people and learn some new things. Follow our Facebook page to get notified, or write us an email if you want to know more:

Danish student association of land surveyors

FoFoDaLa (in Danish) is a student organisation whose objective is to initiate social as well as profession-related events for students under the land surveying study programmes at AAU Aalborg and AAU Copenhagen.



Djøf is a union for graduates and students studying law, business economics, political and social sciences. We represent approximately 80,000 members working at all levels of the private and public sectors. As a member, you will have access to Djøf’s legal services and advice on job hunting, salary and contract issues, career development, study requirements etc.


DSE is an independent non-political and financially independent student association represented at the Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University. The objective of the association is to promote contact between engineering students and the business community. You are welcome to join.

Frit Forum

Frit Forum (in danish) is a student organisation based on social-democratic values. The purpose of the student organisation is to make a forum for students with an interest in politics and the society as a whole. Frit Forum organises debate events and other activities .

KFS for students

KFS (Danish) is a nationwide Christian student organisation, which is open to anyone who wants to join in and help contribute to the community or just have a keen interest in Christianity.

Project 2030

Project 2030 is a youth organization run by a diverse group of students at AAU from all around the world, currently located in Aalborg, Denmark. Our focus is on finding and promoting practical solutions to achieving the UN SDGs by 2030 and we aim at: (1) educating youth about SDGs & the importance of sustainable living, (2) empower them to get involved in international affairs and civil society (3) and to inspire individual change and personal growth. 

Student priests

The Student Priests (in Danish) have client confidentiality and offers an open forum and a community, where you can discuss life’s big and small issues.

The Student Priests offers a space, where you can drop in, in accordance to your time and needs.

The Aalborg Students Sports Association

The Aalborg Students Sports Association (AASI) is a great platform for sports interested students to meet other students from different educational institutions in Aalborg. This will help create a good social network in town and provide an ideal framework for settling into your new life in Aalborg. The association is primarily aimed at students.

The Cafés - Barbaren, BasisBaren, Aalbar, Mærkbar, Bajers bar

The Cafés are open pretty much every Friday during both the fall and the spring semester and offers an extensive variety of events such as Boat-race, Halloween-party and October-party for live-music and stand-up.


The DE-Club

The DE Club is a social club for students under the E and S study boards, e.g. electronics, IT technology, health technology, product and design psychology, medialogy, sports science and industrial medicine.

The Sexperts (the Aalborg Sex Express)

The Sexperts are a group of volunteering students from the programmes of Medicine and Industrial Medicine at AAU. We wish to make it possible for school pupils in Aalborg and Northern Jutland in general to have the best possible start to and basis for their own sexual lives through interesting lessons on sex taught by professionals who are capable of providing broad information, demystifying sex, and communicating this knowledge in an entertaining and contemporary manner.

The Student Society (Studentersamfundet)

Studentersamfundet is for every student at Aalborg University, and is an organization that is responsible for the students’ needs, and interests. The organizations primary goal is to help building a more interesting and inspiring study environment for everybody at Aalborg University. It is possible for students to apply for being allowed to create self-managing groups under Studentersamfundet. The purpose of these is to handle specific events or interests among students at Aalborg University.


UNF (in Danish) is an association whose objective is to promote young people’s interest in the natural sciences and technology. UNF organisers are mainly university students and upper secondary school pupils.

UNF is located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg. Would you like to make new friends, promote the natural sciences and develop personally? Then find contact information on UNF’s website.


Young Communicators (UNGKOM) is a national competence building association for students and new graduates, and functions a subdivision of the Danish Communication Association. It is a forum involved in communication across different communication categories. Their aim is to build bridges between student and business communities and to enhance the knowledge and professional skills of their members. Every year, UNGKOM organises a number of lectures, workshops, cafes and other post-workday meetings with companies and communication experts, who provide their members with a unique insight into different business fields, as well as concrete competences. At present, UNGKOM has around 500 members from universities across Denmark.


UniFitness (in Danish) is a gym for the staff and students at Aalborg University.

UniFitness offers team training and if you like intense vascular training or want to increase your suppleness; UniFitness has a team for you to join.


UniRun (In Danish) is Aalborg University’s running event for everyone – students as well as employees – with an affiliation to AAU, The Information Academy or UCN Health Studies.

It is all about joining in, having fun and at the same time, a chance to train more than your brain cells. Exercise is nutrition to learning!