AAU's Mission, Vision and Values

The strategy for AAU 2016-2021 contains and explains the mission, vision, distinguishing values, underlying values and strategic areas for Aalborg University.

Mission for Aalborg University 2016-2021

AAU contributes to the knowledge build-up of the global society as well as to the development of the prosperity, welfare and culture of Danish society. This is accomplished through research, research based education, public sector services and knowledge collaboration.

We are educating students for the future and are basing our activities on a dynamic and transformative collaboration with our local communities. Our employees embrace all academic fields and take a holistic approach which challenges existing paradigms and creates robust, research based solutions to the complex challenges of society.

Vision for Aalborg University

  • We act and are recognised as a university with a distinct profile and well-documented quality in all of our activities.
  • We are internationally recognised for excellence in research with a problem and solution oriented perspective.
  • We educate students for the society of the future.
  • We implement our basic principles of problem and project based learning, and the university is internationally acclaimed for the documented results of this learning method.
  • We are an attractive collaboration partner for private companies and public authorities and institutions, and our carefully selected knowledge-sharing partnerships are based on mutuality and a shared focus.

Aalborg University's Characteristic Features

The individual characteristic features per se do not constitute the AAU hallmark. The combination of these features is what constitutes our strength.

To address the development trends of the next few years, we have decided to focus on our characteristic features, which are the qualities that set AAU apart from other universities.

Problem orientation

AAU’s problem based approach to research and education is strong and well founded. Our researchers, students and graduates are well trained in analytical, holistic and problem and solution oriented methods


AAU conducts research in close collaboration between staff, students and partners in the business world and in public institutions. Working with authentic issues implies that the University maintains close contact with external partners.


AAU reflects the vigour and zeal of its staff and students. AAU is a university for committed staff and students who assume responsibility and make things happen within the University and in its surrounding society.


AAU creates knowledge that changes the world. Our problem oriented approach to research, education, knowledge dissemination and collaboration makes a difference and creates change.

The individual characteristic features per se do not constitute the AAU hallmark. The combination of these
features is what constitutes our strength. Our strategic actions should support and develop the four characteristic features, causing us to become by 2021 an even stronger edition of the unique university we are today.

underlying values

In addition to the values contributing to the special profile of Aalborg University, we share a number of values with other research universities. Thus Aalborg University is a co-signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum. Among the values of this document are:

  • Respect for the fundamental academic values: freedom of research, independence of the interests of individual authorities and powers, scientific integrity and the search for scientific excellence
  • Contribution to the consolidation and development of democratic society
  • Interaction between disciplines, basic research and applied research
  • Focused dedication to a few excellent fields of research
  • Support for emerging research talents
  • Broad commitment to research-based education
  • Special challenges for elite students
  • Internationalisation of the university’s research, programmes and administration. 
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