Commute to AAU in a climate-conscious way

Commute to AAU in a climate-conscious way

A new collaboration with Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT) and Nabogo is paving the way for more sustainable transport options to the campus.

Last modified: 03.12.2021

The greenest way to get to campus is probably by foot, but for many people, that is not an option. Next-best is perhaps a bicycle, electric bicycle or electric scooter. However, there are other alternatives that offer the same comfort as a car seat for people who want to be more climate-conscious in their everyday life.  

At AAU, we aim to be a part of the green transition, and together with NT and Nabogo, we want to find solutions that ensure better and greener mobility for both employees and students at AAU.

Campus Service, in collaboration with NT and Nabogo, has tried to find solutions that can make daily transport to and from campus more sustainable. That is why NT is offering a special one-month free Commuter Card to new customers, while Nabogo is offering free carpooling for travellers with an active Youth Card, Commuter Card or Travel Card with the Commuter combi.

If you are not already familiar with NT and Nabogo, you can read more about their products below.

Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT)

You may already have heard of Nordjyllands Trafikselskab – the company responsible for all bus and train services in North Jutland. But did you know that they offer Flextur and Plustur? Flextur takes you from address to address, and Plustur takes you from an address to the nearest bus stop and on from there by bus or train. Both Flextur and Plustur can be used by everyone.

NT offers products for any sort of travel, and right now you can take advantage of their attractive offer of a free Commuter Card for your first month if you are not yet an NT customer.

If you want to order a one-month free Commuter Card or Travel Card with a Commuter combi, you can see how at


Nabogo is an app for local commuting and an alternative to public transport. With Nabogo, you get fixed digital stops on the road, so you do not have to make detours. Rides cost DKK 0.75 per kilometre, and the money goes straight to you, the driver. No fees, no hidden surprises.

Nabogo works with more than 30 municipalities to create more mobility from the country to the town and back. Read more at


Many students take electric scooters to campus, so Campus Service has set up two parking racks in central locations on campus in Aalborg East.

Walk or cycle

The entire east campus is set up to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists around the buildings. There are kilometres of pavements and cycle paths, making it easy to get around campus. Pedestrians and cyclists can also enjoy the recreational areas that have been transformed into Wild on Purpose areas in recent years, as well as a lovely resting place by the lake or the canals at the eastern campus. Those in Aalborg City are close to the water and city life, and at AAU CPH you can also enjoy the water on a walk around campus.

If you have other good ideas for green transport, please contact Campus Service by email: