Researchers strive for better water control

Researchers strive for better water control

Last modified: 20.02.2021

Water is one of the biggest challenges in the world. Some places get too much rain, others too little. Drinking water may be contaminated or be in short supply. Water is, not without reason, the basic element of four of the Sustainable Development Goals. But when it comes to optimizing current water management, digital technologies hold unused potential.

In the research project CLAIRE, led by professor Kim G. Larsen, researchers from the Department of Computer Science work with colleagues from the Department of the Built Environment at Aalborg University to improve the possibilities for controlling water in urban areas. They combine mathematical models with more data-driven machine learning - and by doing so, they hope to prevent the number and extent of floods.

For this purpose, they use UPPAAL Stratego, a further development of the tool UPPAAL that is used for simulating, testing and verifying systems. The tool was developed at the Department of Computer Science in collaboration with Uppsala University – and is used in several applications – from controlling traffic and floor-heating systems to the development of better decision-making tools for COVID-19 initiatives.

The project is funded by the VILLUM FOUNDATION.



Kim G. Larsen (PI), Thomas D. Nielsen and Jiri Srba - Department of Computer Science, in collaboration with Department of the Built Environment.