As a PhD student Lotte dreamed of combining lecturing and putting her research to use in clinical practice. Today this combination is a reality.

What is your typical workday like?

I am employed as a lecturer (80%) and researcher (20%) at Metropolitan University College. A typical day consists of preparation for a lecture, lecturing - some administration - and writing. As a researcher I always have an article, a book chapter, or a blogpost in process. Just as I often work on a article or book review for nursing journals. Even though my job is mainly related to teaching, tutoring and examining students and other health professionals most of my time is spend behind the computer on administration, preparing and writing.

What has your career path looked like up until now?

After finishing my PhD-degree I have been invited to talk about my research results by 15-20 communities and hospitals. In addition, I have been invited to talk at international conferences and participate as a lecturer in a PhD Summer school at The University of Southern Denmark. The radio program P1 and some Danish new papers have interviewed me about the results and I have been invited to write book chapters and scientific articles about my research. I have also designed a new research project together with a colleague. The project is a collaboration between Herlev-Gentofte Hospital and Metropolitan University College and fonded by the two partners. The aim is to create new knowledge about living with late side effects after removal of the prostate and help couples, which are undergoing treatment for prostate cancer to improve everyday life, their relationship and togetherness.

How close is your current career to the ideas and dreams you had as a PhD fellow at AAU?

Quite close, as a PhD student I dreamed of combining lecturing and putting my research to use in clinical practice. Today this combination is a reality.

How have you made use of your PhD education, and which of your PhD competences have been most important to you?

The PhD-education has given me a solid research foundation which I use everyday in different ways. The most important competence is to be able to look at a problem from different perspectives in a systematic way. However, I also find AAU's focus on using my results in real life very important and useful for my career.

What do you remember most from your PhD studies?

Supervision with professor Lene Tanggaard.

What is your best memory from AAU?

Group discussions at PhD-workshops.

Is there a teacher/colleague from AAU you remember especially, and why?

Professor Lene Tanggaard because she believed in me and the project during hard times.

What made the strongest impression on you during your PhD defense?

The evaluation committee asked me to name three parts/points of my research that would be remembered and used in real life settings.

Why did you decide to do a PhD, and would you have chosen differently if you were to do it today?

As a risk manager I was into falls prevention at my former job. I think it was clear to my boss and colleagues that I really burned for making a difference. My former boss asked if I would like to make my passion into a PhD-project. I would still do it today, but with some major changes...

What advice would you give to current PhD fellows at AAU that want a career outside academia?

The PhD-programs at AAU also prepare you for a job outside academia and give you a good network. If you from the start already know that you want a job outside academia AAU is perhaps the best university in Denmark to prepare you for that.

What are your dreams for the future?

Start a post doc in collaboration with clinical practice.

Anything else you would like to add?

I still meet with some friends from my first PhD-group. One of them has become a very dear and close friend. I have used the PhD-group to get my research out new places and helped other group members to get their research out in my network. The best part has been to help a group member to get a job though my network.

About Lotte Evron

Place of birth: Copenhagen, Denmark

Nationality: Danish

Current employment: PhD, lecturer and researcher

MA programme and university: Human Centered Communication and Informatics, University of Copenhagen

Department at AAU: Department of Communication and Psychology

Campus: Aalborg

Year of graduation: 2015

Title of PhD dissertation: Self-care as technology of the self in multifactorial falls prevention

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