Cooperate with the danish building research institute (sbi)

Cooperate with the danish building research institute (sbi)

Cooperating with the Danish Building Research Institute at Aalborg University (AAU) provides you and your business with the opportunity to stay up to date as regards building research, and you may contribute to ensuring that their research is turned into solutions benefiting the construction of better housing and other buildings in Denmark.

Last modified: 14.07.2014

Development and innovation in construction work and the housing sector are essential for our well-being, growth and welfare. Danish building Research Institute aims to create and disseminate research-based knowledge that improves construction work and the built environment.

We offer you and your business:

  • the opportunity to engage in research collaboration with SBI
    Research cooperation with SBI will provide you with new knowledge in the field of building technology, indoor climate, energy efficient construction, sustainability, urban development, housing or architecture You will have the opportunity to have a researcher stationed in your business for an extended period, for instance an industrial PhD student.
  • help for the development and testing of products
    SBI’s offer to help with the development, testing and evaluation of new productions and solutions in your business will take place on a professional and unbiased basis.
  • consultancy services regarding administrative and dissemination-related tasks

How to do it ...

If you wish to enter into a cooperation, you are always welcome to contact:

The Danish Building Research Institute
Tel.: +45 9940 2525