The E-Core Generator creates advanced spinning bike

The E-Core Generator creates advanced spinning bike

A patent on advanced generator technology from the Institute for Energy Technology has led to the construction of eTenzor - the high-tech exercise bike.

The unique contribution to the bike is its resistance mechanism, which is based on sophisticated electronics rather than a traditional flywheel. Used in the Synergy Cycling concept developed by Chris Macdonald, this technology enables both the instructor and each participant in the group to exercise effectively in relation to his or her own physical level. 

The invention is based on the so-called E-core Transversal Flux Machine (ETFM). E-cores are used in transformers and are manufactured in very large quantities, which make it economical to produce even small series of alternators. The E-core concept has proven highly suitable for the spinning bike because of transversal flux. The magnetic flux route in the machine is short (the flux does not enter through a rotor as normally), and the magnetic couplings in the machine are minimal compared to traditional machines, making precise torque control simpler. The load is controlled electronically, and the large flywheel found in other spinning bikes can be completely avoided.

In Synergy Cycling, eTenzor is first ergonomically adapted to the individual user's physique. Then the user undergoes a 6-minute test on eTenzor, which provides precise knowledge of the user's physical constitution. The test provides the necessary data to set the torque exactly to suit the user and achieve the optimal training, whether you are a top athlete or a beginner.

AWS Technology was responsible for the development of the bike as well as the entire advanced Synergy Cycling training concept and the associated software. 


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