Workshop on inclusion and universal design

Workshop on inclusion and universal design

Aalborg University hosted on February 4th an online workshop on inclusion and universal design. The workshop is part of the ECIU University Project. Participants were representatives from the ECIU University member institutions.

Last modified: 24.02.2021

The purpose of the workshop was to share current practices and experiences on inclusion of students and other learners at the involved universities. At the ECIU University member institutions inclusion of students is already subject to a series of widespread actions.

Equal access of education to all is important to the ECIU University. This does not only comprise the inclusion of students with physical disabilities or students challenged by dyslexia or similar. Inclusion of students is about organizing learning opportunities in a way that provides no discriminatory criteria or procedures for anybody in regards to disability, educational difficulties, economic obstacles, cultural differences, health problems, social obstacles, and geographical obstacles.

On the basis obtained at this workshop, coordinators from ECIU University Work Package 7 (Joint structures) will now prepare first draft to an inclusion strategy for the ECIU University. The draft is planned to be presented to the ECIU Management Team in March. The strategy is expected to be ready for final approval in June 2021.

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