How and when to apply

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    Application deadline

    Application deadline for all international students applying for a full Bachelor's programme is:

                                      15 March, 12.00 noon

    You must apply for a student place via Once you have filled in the application a Signature Page is produced.

    You must print out, sign and submit the Signature Page to before 15 March 12 noon. Your application process is not completed until the Signature Page is received at The Admissions Office.

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    How to apply

    Aalborg University and the other institutions of higher education in Denmark are part of a joint application system called the Coordinated Enrolment System (KOT). KOT enables you to apply for up to eight different Bachelor’s programmes, and ensures that you are admitted to the highest priority possible. At the same time, KOT makes sure that you are only admitted to one of the programmes you apply for.

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    Which enclosures are necessary to upload?

    • Your diploma (a copy) in the original language.
    • Your diploma (a copy) translated into English and verified by your school. If you do not have a diploma at the time of applying, you must submit a preliminary diploma/school transcript translated into English and verified by your school. Please note the documentation deadlines.
    • English proficiency documentation (result of a recognized English language test)
    • Grade sheets from the last three years of upper secondary school.

    Verification of subjects. You must use a verification form if the following facts do not appear on your diploma: a) the subjects taught during the final three years at upper secondary school, b) grades in each subject during the final three years and c) number of hours of instruction (1 hour = 60 minutes) during the final three years. Applicants from Scandinavia are not required to enclose a verification form.

    Verification form


    • Curricula for the specific entry requirement subjects translated into English and verified by your school.
    • A copy of your passport.
    • A copy of your residence permit if you are already staying in Denmark
    • If you are not a EU/EEA citizen please remember to upload receipt for payment of application fee.

    Only complete applications including enclosures mentioned above will be taken into consideration. 

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    How to apply - step by step

    1.digitally fill in an application form for each programme you are applying for

    Online application forms and instructions, including a user guide, are available at from the beginning of February. Make sure that you apply for the correct programme - i.e. the programme you intended to apply for. Please note that programmes with similar names can be offered by different universities, or by the same university in different cities. Application deadline is 15 March, 12 noon. 

    2. Upload your enclosures

    If you have not received your final diploma and/or result of English language test by 15 March it will still be possible to upload the diploma at until 5 July, 12 noon. See above for more information on which enclosures are necessary to upload. Please note that applicants from non EU/EEU countries must upload all documents by 1 May.

    3. Submit your Signature Page 

    When filling in your application at a signature page is generated. You must print out, sign and submit the signature page to The Admissions Office at before 15 March, 12 noon. Otherwise we are not able to access your application at and cannot process your application. 

    A complete application consists of application form, signature page and enclosures.

    AAU wishes to reflect the diversity of society and welcomes all applicants regardless of personal background or belief.

    You can read about SU – The Danish students´ Grants and Loans Scheme here

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    I applied - what happens now?

    Signature page receipt

    Once you have submitted the signature page to, you will receive an auto-reply from The Admissions Office (Optagelseskontoret) at Aalborg University confirming that your application has been received.

    Password for UniStart

    A few days later you will receive an email from The Admissions Office with a password to our self-service-system, UniStart. Through UniStart, you can track the processing of your application, receive information from The Admissions Office regarding your application, and eventually accept or reject an offer of enrolment.

    Log in and use UniStart

    You must log in to by using your (used when applying at ) and your password. You are obligated to use UniStart, since The Admissions Office communicates with applicants exclusively through UniStart. You are responsible for keeping up-to-date with all information - including important deadlines - provided by Aalborg University, at

    Notification at your email-account

    You will be notified via the email address you have stated in your application (at whenever information is awaiting you at UniStart.

    Read more about types of messages, you may receive from us in the section below.

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    Notifications from Aalborg University

    Any of these messages from the Admission Office will be sent to you through UniStart only (you will receive a notification on your email-account that information is awaiting you):

    Further documentation is required

    Within a deadline stated in the email, you must provide us with further documentation. Otherwise we will not be able to process your application, and it will be rejected without further notification.

    Offer of enrolment

    By 28 July you will receive an offer of enrolment (if you meet the entry requirements and if the national coordination of enrolment enables it).

    Deadline for accepting or rejecting an offer of enrolment

    No later than 5 August you must either accept or reject the offer of a study place. If you do not reply within this deadline, the offer of a study place is withdrawn without further notification. Please note that you are required to do this through UniStart.

    regarding applicants from Non EU/EEU countries

    Deadline for accepting an offer of enrolment is 15 May 2021, you do this by uploading a receipt showing that you have paid tuition fee.

    Rejection of the application

    In case you do not meet the entry requirement for the programme, your application will be rejected. We expect (but do not guarantee) rejections to be sent to our applicants in April, May and June.

    Offer of conditional enrolment

    In case you do not meet the entry requirements your application will be rejected. You may be offered conditional enrolment, if the rejection is due to the lack of only one specific entry requirement (e.g. you have passed Mathematics at B-level but A-level is the requirement). The offer is based upon you meeting and documenting the lacking entry requirement before 1 September. It is exclusively for The Admissions Office to offer an applicant conditional enrolment.

    Please be aware that if you are offered a student place on a programme, all your lower priorities will be cancelled. This means that if you have received an offer under conditional enrolment and cannot fulfil the requirements, then you will not receive another offer for you lower priorities.

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    Standby place

    Considering applying for a standby place?

    If you apply for admission to a programme with restricted admission, you also have the option of applying for a standby place, i.e. a place on the waiting list for admission to the programme. In the digital application form at, you can tick a box to indicate whether you wish to apply for a standby place.

    We know from experience that a number of applicants who are offered a study place will decline this offer. For this reason, the University will admit applicants from the waiting list (standby). When applicants decline the offer of a study place, we will offer these study places to applicants on the waiting list.

    Up until 15 August you may be offered a study place on a programme starting on 1 September in the same year. However, if you are offered a study place before 15 August and you decline this offer, you will also lose your standby place. You must then reapply for admission the following year.

    If you are not offered a study place before 15 August, your standby place will grant you pre-approved admission for a study place the following academic year. The pre-approved admission only applies to that one specific study programme and only for admission for the following academic year. Please note that applicants with pre-approved admission must meet all entry requirements just like all other applicants – even if the entry requirements have chanced compared to the year the pre-approved admission was given. If you do not meet all specific entry requirements, you will not be admitted.   

    Also, note that you must still apply for admission to that specific study programme the following academic year. However, you are not required to apply for the programme as your first priority.

    When you apply for a standby place, please note the following:

    • You cannot apply for a standby place without simultaneously applying for a study place that same year. This means that you cannot apply for a standby place for the purpose of reserving a study place for the following academic year. 
    • Before applying for a standby place, you need to consider whether you wish to commence your studies that same year or if you would be willing to wait one year in order to be admitted to a specific study programme. In most cases, a standby place will result in a pre-approval for admission to the programme the following academic year.
    • If you are offered a standby place on 28 July, you will not be offered a study place on a study programme that you have ranked lower in your priority list, even if you meet the entry requirements of that particular programme.
    • Should you wish to edit your application to include standby places AFTER having submitted it (and before 5 July), you MUST contact The Admissions Office at, and we will be able to change this option. You cannot make any changes regarding standby places yourself; this will result in a cancellation of your application.
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    Quota 1

    Quota 1 is for applicants who have passed a Danish upper secondary exam or an upper secondary school exam directly comparable to a Danish upper secondary school exam (meaning that your grade point average (GPA) can be converted into the Danish grading scale) and who wish to be assessed exclusively on the basis of this.

    At those of our programmes with entry restricted admission applicants are admitted on a competitive basis according to their GPA. If it is possible to make a direct conversion of the GPA from your international diploma, it is directly comparable to a Danish upper secondary education.

    If you have a directly comparable upper secondary school exam, you must apply no later than 15 March 12 noon, and your application will be assessed both in quota 1 and quota 2. Most upper secondary school exams from EU/EEA countries are directly comparable to a Danish upper secondary school exam.

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    Quota 2

    Quota 2 is for applicants with one of the following qualifications: 

    • International upper secondary school exam (and are an EU/EEA citizen) OR
    • Danish upper secondary school exam and furthermore have obtained qualifications e.g. relevant work experience and relevant post-secondary courses OR
    • No upper secondary school exam, but with qualifications comparable to an upper secondary school exam (exemptees)

    If you have a Danish upper secondary school exam or an international upper secondary school exam comparable to a Danish upper secondary school exam you will be assessed in Quota 1 as well as in Quota 2. If you apply as an exemptee or you have an international upper secondary school exam not comparable to a Danish upper secondary school exam you will only be assessed in Quota 2.

    Qualified applicants in Quota 2 will be selected through an overall assessment based on:

    • Grades in the subjects that constitute the specific entry requirements – see above
    • Activities up to a maximum of 12 months: Relevant professional work experience and/or relevant education and supplementary courses.

    All activities must be documented. Activities up to a maximum of 12 months will be taken into consideration. If you are in doubt whether your activities will be taken into consideration, we advice that you submit documentation for all your activities, and The Admissions Office will select the activities that serve you the best.

    You must apply no later than 15 March 12 noon in quota 2.

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    Applicants from non EU/EEU countries

    Applicants from a non EU/EEU country must apply via quota 2.

    Application deadline is 15 March, 12.00 noon. Please note that documentation deadline is 1 May if the following is applicable for you:

    • Do not have a Danish upper secondary school exam and
    • Are not EU/EEA citizens and
    • Need a student residence permit to study in Denmark

    If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of student places, the Admissions Office will make an overall assessment based on:

    • grades in the subjects that constitute the specific entry requirements 
    • relevant professional full-time work experience
    • relevant education or supplementary courses

    Please also note that applicants with a citizenship from outside EU/EEA may be required to pay application fee and tuition fee.

    Aalborg University does not offer financial support or scholarships to foreign students. 

    Applicants from non EU/EEU countries will receive a reply to their application 15 May. This is due to requirements of student residence permit and payment of tuition fee. 

    You must apply no later than 15 March 12 nooN

    Please note, the diploma-upload deadline is 1 May.

Important deadlines

Application & Signature Page deadline

15 March, 12 noon

Documentation deadline

5 July, 12 noon (quota 1 & 2)
1 may, 12 noon (non EU/EEU citizens)

Answer to your application

28 July (quota 1 & 2)
15 may (non EU/EEU citizens)

Available study places announced

28 July

Deadline to confirm study place

5 August

What does restricted entry mean?

A number of programmes at Aalborg University have restricted entry. This means that a study place cannot be guaranteed, even if you fulfil the entry requirements and hand in your application before the deadline. For example – when a programme has only 50 seats, we only offer seats to 50 applicants even though there might be 100 applicants who fulfil the requirements.

In quota 1 we then offer seats to the applicants with the highest grade point average. In quota 2 we make an overall assessment in accordance with the quota 2 criteria set for each specific programme.

Questions about admission?

Do you have questions regarding your application or matters of admission?

Please find contact information here