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Extended legal claim

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    Legal claim extended to three years

    The legal claim for admission to Master’s programmes is extended to three years

    A legal claim means that you have the right to be admitted to the Master's programme, which constitutes the natural extension of the subject area of your Bachelor’s degree. The legal claim applies to the Master’s programme on the University in which you took your Bachelor’s degree. In the curriculum for each Master’s programme, you can see which Bachelor’s programmes that gives you a legal claim for the Master’s programme. Please note that the legal claim only is valid on the campus, where your Bachelor’s degree is passed.

    So far, the legal claim for admission has been valid only in immediate continuation of the completion of your Bachelor’s degree at Aalborg University.

    As of 1 July 2019, the legal claim is extended to be valid for three years.

    Those three years of legal claim is calculated from the first-coming summer intake, after you have passed your Bachelor’s degree, and ends after the summer intake three years after. In other words, if you hold a legal claim to a Master’s programme, you have, including your year of dimension, the possibility to apply for admission to the Master’s programme, to which you have a legal claim, at four intakes (the year of dimension and the three following intakes during the summer).

    The legal claim can only be used one time. The legal claim is used, when you have applied for admission and accepted the offered study place on the Master’s programme to which you have a legal claim. If you have not accepted the offered study place, the legal claim is not considered used, and thereby you continue to have a legal claim, if the three years has not passed.            

    The legal claim is first used when you have accepted the offered study place. The minute you accept the offered study places at a Master’s programme, to which you have a legal claim, the legal claim is considered used, and consequently it will not be possible to use the legal claim for a later intake.

    Please note that the legal claim only is valid, when you apply for admission within the given application deadline.

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    Admission to restricted programmes

    If your legal claim gives admission to an entry-restricted programme, you have to be particular alert to use your legal claim, since you in the period with a legal claim is assured a study place on the Master’s programme to which you have legal claim. Not until all applicants with a legal claim has been offered a study place, other qualified applicants are offered the remaining study places.  

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    Available study places

    On programmes where there is available study places after the first round of admission we open for the so-called second round of admission, where available study places are offered. Here qualified applicants are offered admission ongoing up until semester start as long as there are available study places. As an applicant with a legal claim you have first claim for admission to the programme.

    Other applicants are offered a study place after the first-come-first-served principle. In the second round you still have to accept or decline an offer of admission within a given deadline.

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    September 2019 intake

    The regulations for the extended legal claim apply retroactively from 1 January 2019. Thus you this year have the possibility to withdraw your acceptance of an offered study place on the Master’s programme to which you have a legal claim until 31 July 2019 and still keep your legal claim. The regulations therefore also apply if you have finished your Bachelor’s degree in January 2019 and have not started on the Master’s programmes to which you have a legal claim. Likewise, you are included in the extended legal claim, if you started on the Master’s programme to which you have a legal claim in the spring 2019 and if you finished your Bachelor’s degree after 1 January 2019.

    However, you are only guaranteed to be admitted to the same programme if it is the Master’s programme to which you have a legal claim.

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    Do you have doubts about your decision?

    If you need guidance before you make a decision on whether you have to stop your Master’s degree, withdraw your admission, or if you are not sure, if it is the Master’s programme to which you have a legal claim you are admitted to, please contact our student guidance on phone 9940 9940 or studentguidance@aau.dk.

    If you have accepted an offer of admission with semester start in autumn 2019 and wish to withdraw the study place, please contact masteradmission@aau.dk.

    Subsequently you will be withdrawn from the Master’s programme and your acceptance for the study place will be changed to a rejection. You can withdraw your accepted retroactively, and therefore it is important that this happen no later than 31 July 2019 to keep your legal claim. Your Bachelor’s degree must furthermore be finished after 1 January 2019.  

    If you have questions or doubts on how the extended legal claim affect you are welcome to contact masteradmission@aau.dk.

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    The new regulations/rules

    Read more here: Kandidatbekendtgørelsen §10 og 10a

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