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IT, Communication and New Media, Bachelor

IT, Communication and New Media

IT, Communication and New Media


Currently enrolled students continue the programme as planned.

As a bachelor student of IT, Communication and New Media (ITCOM) at Aalborg University Copenhagen, you will learn how to develop technical solutions in a market perspective with focus on user needs. You will learn about technologies for the future Internet and develop new applications for smartphones and other new media platforms.

Today, we have access to information and communication, no matter where we are. Whether we are at home, at school or en route, we can be online. Computers and mobile phones are becoming faster, and we have access to wireless and fixed links with high capacity. New intelligent services that we could previously only dream of have found their way into our everyday lives.

With IT, Communication and New Media, you will obtain a very attractive profile including competences highly in demand by employers. You will have the opportunity to work with advanced information and communications technologies enabling new applications based on Internet, mobile and broadcast (radio & TV) platforms. You will gain a profound understanding of the technologies and their potential, and you will learn how to apply technology in practice through analysis and development of innovative services, applications and solutions targeting specific user needs.

The education is interdisciplinary, providing advanced technical understanding of software and network technologies combined with understanding of users, creativity, economic theory, organisational theory and management.

You will learn about the social, commercial and ethical frameworks for technology use, and you will become abreast of the latest developments in a global perspective.

The programme includes courses such as:

  • Object-oriented Programming and Databases
  • New Mobile Network Technologies
  • Development of Mobile Applications
  • User-friendly Solutions and Services
  • Use of IT and Communications Technology within Enterprises and Organisations

IT, Communication and New Media is a 3-year bachelor's programme (180 ECTS). You also have the possibility to study single courses or subjects within the programme.

If you choose to complete the bachelor's programme, you will graduate with the academic title of Bachelor of Science.

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On itcom.aau.dk, you may read more about the programme, find out who the teachers are, see examples of student projects and hear more student testimonials.

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