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IT, Communication and New Media

Application and requirements

Application and requirements

In order to be admitted to the bachelor's programme in It, Communication and New Media at Aalborg University, you need the following qualifications:

Upper secondary school exam, including:

  • English B or an acceptable IELTS or TOEFL or Cambridge score
  • Mathematics A
  • Physics B or Earth Science A

Please note that A, B and C refer to the course level - not grades.

NOTE! Starting from 2020 a minimum grade of 4,0 will be required for Mathematics A.

restricted Admission

IT, Communication and New Media has restricted entry. Consequently, Aalborg University cannot admit all applicants that meet the entry requirements. You can apply in either quota 1, 2 or 3. Quota 2 and quota 3 will consist of 20% of the total amount of study places.

The number of student places

In 2017 AAU offered 60 student places at IT, Communication and New Media. All applicants who met the entry requirements were offered a student place.

Quota 1

If you have a non-Danish degree that may be converted into a Danish GPA (grade points average), your application will also be assessed in Quota 1. For Quota 1 applicants, only the GPA of the upper secondary school certificate is assessed. Applicants are admitted on a competitive basis according to their GPA, so that the applicant with the highest GPA is admitted first and so on until all places are filled. In Quota 1, you can get a Quick Bonus of 1,08. This means that we will multiply your GPA with 1,08, if you apply no later than two years after you have finished your upper secondary education.

Quota 2 and 3

Qualified applicants in Quota 2 and 3 will be selected through an overall assessment based on:

  • Grades in the specific entry requirements, i.e. English B, Mathematics A and Physics B/Earth-science A
  • Activities up to a maximum of 12 months and no less than 6 months: Relevant professional full-time (minimum 29.7 hours/week) work experience, and/or relevant education and supplementary courses.

Quota 2 consists of 10% of all available student places and Quota 3 consists of 5% of the available places.

Examples of relevant work experience:

  • Primary production of technology or content for IT companies or media technology companies
  • Employment in programming or web programming

Examples of non-relevant work experience:

  • Employment as secretary or receptionist, including work for media production companies.
  • Employment as nursery assistant or au-pair

Examples of relevant education:

  • Parts of all Bachelor (undergraduate) educations in engineering or natural science
  • Parts of Professional bachelor educations in IT with certain contents of mathematics and/or programming
  • Parts of Professional bachelor educations in ICT Engineering, Professional bachelor educations in software development
  • Parts of Bachelor educations with IT focus in humanistic or social sciences
  • Parts of a Computer scientist programme
  • AP in IT & Electronics

Examples of non-relevant education:

  • Short-term programming courses
  • All activities must be documented. Activities up to a maximum of 12 months will be considered. Each activity must have lasted at least six months and amount to 29.7 hours or more per week. If you are in doubt whether your activities will be taken into consideration, we advise that you submit documentation for all your activities, and the Admissions Office will select the activities that serve you the best


In order to apply for admission, please go to the portal of the Danish Ministry of Education, www.optagelse.dk. IT, Communication and New Media admission´s area no. is 25095.

It is important that you read our guide How to apply to Aalborg University. Please, also note our information about general entry requirements.

For further information

Information concerning admission requirements in general may be found on the website of the Danish Agency for International Education. On this page you can also find information on whether the level of a foreign certificate meets the general entry requirements.


At www.optagelse.dk you must start your application process by filling in an application form and a priority form. This produces a Signature Page that you must print out, sign and submit by e-mail to bacheloroptag@aau.dk

Application deadline for all international students

Your signature page must be received at The Admissions Office before 15 March, 12.00 o'clock. Only the signature page is proof of you applying for an undergraduate programme. Your application process is not completed until the signature page is received at The Admissions Office. 

Questions regarding admission, entry requirements, application procedure may be directed to:

The Student Guidance Office
Aalborg University
Fibigerstræde 10
DK – 9220 Aalborg East
Telephone: (45) 9940 9440 (weekdays between 12-15)
Fax: (45) 9815 9815
E-mail: studentguidance@aau.dk


Please note that students from outside the EU/EEA will have to pay application fee and tuition fee. Please go to Finances and Fees for further information.

How to apply

For information about how to apply to bachelor's programmes and the application process, please use the link below.

How to apply

Questions on how to apply?

Please contact Aalborg University's Central Student Guidance Service.

Aalborg University's Central Student Guidance Service 

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