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IT, Communication and New Media, Bachelor

Study abroad

Study abroad

On the IT, Communication & New Media programme, you have good oppurtunities for making student projects in cooperation with industry partners. Studying abroad is possible at one of the many partner universites of AAU or through the international network of AAU's Center for TeleInfrastructure (CTIF), including partners in

  • Rome (Italy)
  • Yokosuka (Japan)
  • Kolkata (India)
  • Princeton (USA)


If you choose a stay abroad during your education, it may further your job seeking upon graduation. The industry seeks people with international experience, especially within engineering, and therefore, AAU focuses on stays abroad. We want to give you the best start possible when you have finished your studies.

We give you the opportunity to take and an internship (in Denmark or abroad) or spend a semester abroad. We will assist you in finding the best place for you. AAU co-operates with many universities across the globe, and we have solid contacts and co-operations with industry with regards to both student projects and internships. Our students go to the US, Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Sweden, France, etc.


Internship abroad

Study abroad


  • English


  • Copenhagen


  • Not open for enrollment in 2019

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Did you know ...

Did you know ...

...that as a student at Aalborg University you have the opportunity of going abroad as an integrated part of many of AAU's programmes? 

Learn more on the webpage of AAU's International Office