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Combination and postgraduate options

Combination and postgraduate options


master of MEDIALOGY

As a Bachelor of Medialogy from Aalborg University, you can choose to find a job or continue your studies on the two-year Master’s programme in Medialogy.

Other master options

Your Bachelor’s degree also qualifies you for other Master’s programmes – at Aalborg University or another university. 

Medialogy bachelors have been accepted on programmes within media technology, engineering and humanities.

With a bachelor's degree in Medialogy, you are also qualified for the following programmes at Aalborg University*

*Please note that the mentioned programmes are entry restricted, and thus, a bachelor's in Medialogy does not guarantee you a student place.

What is a master's programme?

A master's (MA) programme is a coherent education leading to a master's degree.

Aalborg University offers a variety of master’s programmes that you can study after having completed your bachelor degree.

The admission requirement for a master's programme is a completed bachelor’s degree from either AAU or another university. Some master's programmes also admit students with a professional bachelor's degree.

View a list of master's programmes