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I have always been curious about computers, technology and science

I have always been curious about computers, technology and science

"I started studying Medialogy in September 2013. I decided to apply back when I was an HTX student at Teknisk Gymnasium in Viby, Aarhus. I had heard about it through my cousin who told me how they used programming to make all sorts of interesting, creative things. At HTX, I had had the pleasure of trying out some app and game programming as well as some robotics. These topics really interested me, so I wanted to pursue them.

I have been curious about computers, electronics and science since I was very young. When I was a child, I used to come to my dad’s electronics workshop. I found the equipment there fascinating and would ask a whole lot questions about how it all worked. We also had a computer on which I would play different, obscure games.

After playing a lot of creative games, both physical and on the computer, I became more and more interested in game development. I discovered Game Maker at the age of about ten and quickly began developing all sorts of experimental projects. I would make a game from time to time, but most often, I would just be fascinated by what was possible on the computer. Soon, I began trying out or reading about other technologies and programming languages.

I was strongly considering studying Computer Science or something similar, but I chose Medialogy instead since it is not just about programming, algorithms and computers – which I find interesting nonetheless – but also brings IT together with more human topics. I saw this as a good challenge to give myself. Being forced to learn things I wouldn’t learn in other educations – like the inner workings of human perception or alternative input methods – has given me an advantage for example when designing games.

Medialogy has helped me learn immensely in the more technical topics. The programme is really good at contextualising advanced topics, making them deeply fascinating. I have learned a lot of mathematical formulas, scientific methodologies and programming principles in a fun way because of the way Medialogy brings it all together, and - most importantly - I have learned how to utilise my own skills and the skills of others in a group setting."

Mads Bang Hoffensetz

medialogy student