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Medialogy covers a broad range of subjects

Medialogy covers a broad range of subjects

"I was very much in doubt regarding my educational future when I researched my options; especially because many of the technical programmes and IT programmes seem so similar. By coincidence, I stumbled over an interview with a guy who now works in the games industry and I asked him about his education. He had studied something which reminded me of Medialogy, and by that time, I had more or less made up my mind.

The cool thing about Medialogy is the broad range of subjects which it covers. This means that you gain understanding of users’ needs and ways to interact with a system, but you also obtain the competences to develop such systems. This mix of more soft subjects from humanities with the technical subjects from the classic science studies gives you the opportunity to take on and communicate with a multitude of different roles."

mads luther nørlem

medialogy student