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Language and International Studies, English, Bachelor

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Academic content

Language and International Studies, English at Aalborg University is a three-year BA program in the Department of Culture and Global Studies. The program focuses on gaining knowledge of cultural, political and historical events for the twentieth and twenty-first century global environments as well as a sharpening your English skills so you can use English in all situations as a global lingua franca. The program also offers study abroad.


LISE maintains a highly regular structure over its semesters. Semesters focus around the project module – though auxiliary courses are equally important. Language teaching is part of the first three semesters.

Project module courses are marked with an asterisk (*)

1st semester (Fall):

International Studies Theories and Methods* (5 ECTS)
20th and 21st Century World History* (5 ECTS)
International Studies Project* (10 ECTS) – projects are conducted under close supervision
Problem Based Learning (5 ECTS)
Academic Communication and Grammar (5 ECTS)

2nd semester (Spring):

Discourse Studies Theories and Methods* (5 ECTS)
Contemporary Social and Political Discourses* (5 ECTS)
Discourse Studies Project* (10 ECTS)
Central Concepts in the Humanities and Social Sciences (5 ECTS)
English Communication and Grammar (5 ECTS)

3rd semester (Fall):

International Relations Theories and Methods* (5 ECTS)
History of International Relations in the 20th and 21st Century* (5 ECTS)
International Relations Project* (10 ECTS)
English Medium Communication in Multilingual Contexts (5 ECTS)
Introduction to Political Philosophy (5 ECTS)

4th semester (Spring):

Social and Cultural Globalization Theories and Methods* (5 ECTS)
International and Intercultural Communication* (5 ECTS)
Globalization Studies Project* (10 ECTS)
Cultural Analysis (5 ECTS)
Religion, Society, and Politics (5 ECTS)

5th semester (Fall):

Organizational Studies Theories and Methods* (5 ECTS)
International Organizations* (5 ECTS)
Organization Studies Project* (10 ECTS)
Policy Analysis (5 ECTS)

Students should also select one of three electives (5 ECTS):

International Human Rights
Methods in Quantitative Research
Human Resource Management

6th semester (Spring):

Bachelor Project* (15 ECTS)
Regional Studies* (5 ECTS),

Students should also select two of five electives (5 ECTS each; 10 ECTS total):

The European Union
Media Analysis
International Political Economy
Corporate Social Responsibility
Research Topic Study (for students preparing for an academic career)

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