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Robotics, Bachelor

This programme is only offered in danish from 2019

This bachelor programme is only offered in danish at AAU, but you might be interested in other english AAU-programmes:

Combination and postgraduate options

Combination and postgraduate options

As a Bachelor of Science in Robotics from Aalborg University, you have the opportunity to engage in further studies on master's programmes (120 ECTS) such as (but not limited to):

* In 2018, international students must pass "Prøve i dansk 2" (Danish Exam 2) to attend the programme.


More about the programme

What is a master's programme?

A master's (MA) programme is a coherent education leading to a master's degree.

Aalborg University offers a variety of master’s programmes that you can study after having completed your bachelor degree.

The admission requirement for a master's programme is a completed bachelor’s degree from either AAU or another university. Some master's programmes also admit students with a professional bachelor's degree.

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