Sports and Culture in Aalborg

If you are interested in sports, Aalborg has a lot to offer. The city is a sports mecca regardless of whether you prefer traditional sports like football and swimming or more exotic sports like budokwai and kite surfing.

More energy to study

When studying at Aalborg University, you will be spending a lot of time attending lectures and group meetings. Exercise gives you the opportunity to take a healthy break in your workday and gives you more energy to do your studies. In Aalborg you can practise numerous sports both indoors and outdoors. Parks, forests and the countryside are nearby, and mountain bike clubs, athletics clubs etc. enjoy the beautiful nature. 

Sports club and fitness centre at Aalborg University

In Aalborg Studenternes Idrætsforening (AASI) you can practise e.g. aerobics, badminton, football and swimming together with other students. The sports club is closely affiliated with Aalborg University, although everyone regardless of their educational institution in Aalborg is welcome to take part in the great social aspects of sports.

Also, AAU has its own very modern fitness centre, UniFitness, at campus where you can enjoy yourself. In UniFitness you can practise cardio training, weight training and team training. 

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Student testimonial

Student testimonial

“On my second day in Aalborg, I joined the soccer training of AASI (Aalborg Studenternes Idrætsforening), which is the university’s sport association offering different sports such as volleyball, handball and soccer to name a few.

For me, this was a great way to make new friends and feel at home in Denmark. Of course a lot depends on your own attitude. If you are not afraid to open yourself for others, others will also be open to you.”

Tom Raes, Culture, Communication and Globalization

Find a sports club in Aalborg

If you want to practise sports in a club or an association, you can have a look at Aalborg Municipality's entrance portal for students, Study Aalborg.

Find a sports club in Aalborg

Watch sporting events in Aalborg

If you prefer to watch sports, Aalborg has a lot to offer. At Energi Nord Arena you can watch AaB play football, in Denmark’s biggest handball arena Gigantium (in Danish) Aalborg DH play handball, and in the ice rink at Gigantium AaB Ishockey ensure drama on the ice. Volleyball, golf and other sports at elite level are also available in Aalborg. 

Culture in Aalborg

Aalborg has many cultural experiences to offer regardless of whether you prefer music, theatre or art exhibitions. National and international artists often play concerts or exhibit art in Aalborg, where you will also find an exciting underground music scene.

Culture for everyone

Aalborg’s culture is easily accessible and at several venues you may actively participate in the artistic process. Snobbery is not characteristic of the mentality of people from Aalborg. On this page, you will find some of the cultural experiences available in Aalborg. Most of these are located within a relatively small geographic area. 

International students night at Studenterhuset

At Studenterhuset in the centre of Aalborg you can meet up with other students and enjoy a cup of coffee or go to concerts with Danish and international bands. You can also attend presentations, participate in a number of different activities, e.g. salsa, and you may choose to become a volunteer at Studenterhuset.

International Evening is held every Wednesday, which gives you the opportunity to meet other international students. Studenterhuset welcomes everyone and prices are student-friendly.


Student testimonial

Student testimonial

"Aalborg is full of history and interesting things to discover. I like to go the Art museum , and I enjoyed the historical museum also.

Nordkraft is a truly a new concept of culture in Aalborg where the old industrial is combining s with the modern and the novelty. Great place to hang out , do sports, watch a movies, go to a theater play (if it is in English), listen to a concert , eat and see lots of exhibition. It's never a dull moment in Nordkraft."

Alina Scumpieru, Indoor Environmental Engineering - Master programme

Cafes in Aalborg

If you want to enjoy delicious food and drinks with your fellow students in the city centre, or just relax with a cup of coffee or tea, you can visit one of Aalborg’s cafes. Try, for instance, Café Klostertorvet, where seats are available both inside and outside.

Learn more on the Visit Aalborg webpage

Art exhibitions in Aalborg

If you are interested in art, Aalborg also has a lot to offer. KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art exhibits modern and contemporary art, and in Kunsthal Nord (in Danish), which is located inside the culture house Nordkraft (in Danish), you can experience Danish and international contemporary visual art, handicraft and design.

You can also visit the Utzon Centre at Aalborg Harbourfront, where you can enjoy different forms of architecture, design and art. This is also where AAU's programme Art & Technology is located. 

Carnival in Aalborg

If you like carnivals, you may participate in the popular, annual carnival parade in Aalborg, which is the largest of its kind in northern Europe.

Aalborg is full of life on this festive day when thousands of dressed up people dance in the streets. The carnival parade finishes at Kildeparken, where different artists entertain. You may also enjoy the carnival parade as a spectator.

learn more on the Aalborg Carnival webpage

Concerts in Aalborg

Aalborg has both small, intimate music venues and a concert hall big enough for international artists.

At Studenterhuset and Skråen (in Danish) you can listen to well-established as well as upcoming bands from both Denmark and abroad. You will find the city’s alternative music scene at 1000FRYD (you could also visit them on Vegan Tuesdays).

You should also visit Huset ('The House'), where Friday nights are dedicated to indie music at "Klub Husfred" (in Danish). Huset is also known for their jazz concerts, and their vegetarian buffet!

Attend concerts at Musikkens Hus ('House of Music') (in Danish), the new venue by Aalborg's harbour front. Large concerts are usually held at the sports and culture centre Gigantium (in Danish), which is located close to campus in Aalborg East. Here, you'll also find a large swimming pool! 

Cinemas and theatres in Aalborg

You ought to visit Biffen Art Cinema if you like non-mainstream quality films for connoisseurs. Here, you can also participate in film festivals, meet film directors, etc.

If you are interested in theatre you can enjoy plays at e.g. Aalborg Teater (in Danish), which is the oldest theatre in the city, or at Teater Nordkraft (in Danish).

At Det Hem'lige Teater (in Danish) and Transformator (in Danish) you can experience amateur theatre and more experimental and transgressive shows.