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Esbjerg is Denmark’s fifth biggest town with approximately 71,000 inhabitants. As a student at Aalborg University’s department in Esbjerg, AAU Esbjerg, you can enjoy the town’s many opportunities with regard to cultural experiences, sports and spare time activities.

Easy access to cultural experiences and spare time activities

Aalborg University Esbjerg is located only around 3 kilometres from Esbjerg town centre and transport options are great between the town centre and campus. Therefore, you have easy access to the many cultural experiences and spare time activities that Esbjerg has to offer. Accommodation possibilities for international students are excellent; read more about accommodation in Esbjerg.

A perfect city for studies

A perfect city for studies

I am more than happy that I had an opportunity to study and live in Esbjerg. That was like a small step towards getting into Danish society.

My studies at Aalborg University Esbjerg were full of excitement because I met various people who had different nationalities. The biggest plus of the little campus of Esbjerg is that the staff knows you perfectly and talks to you on a first name basis. So therefore it makes you feel welcome and comfortable.

I am also very glad for trying out a problem based learning method which taught me how to work in groups and find the best solutions for problems.

Ugnė Ragauskaitė, Medialogy

Accommodation in Esbjerg

Get information and advice on how to find accommodation when you're going to study at Aalborg University in Esbjerg.

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Culture and sports in Esbjerg

See some of the cultural experiences and sports facilities that Esbjerg has to offer.

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