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Culture and sports in Esbjerg

As a student at Aalborg University Esbjerg there are plenty of exciting opportunities for you to enjoy in your spare time. Esbjerg has many cultural experiences to offer – from concerts to theatre shows. You will also find many great sports facilities such as Svømmestadion Danmark, sports clubs, fitness centres, an ice rink etc. 

Cultural meeting point for students in Esbjerg

In the culture and activity house Huset in Esbjerg Municipality you can meet up with other students and enjoy a cup of coffee and a game of scrabble. You can also go to concerts, participate in cocktail, dinner and film evenings or attend art exhibitions.

Admission to the events is often free of charge or extremely cheap, and prices at Huset’s cafe are student-friendly. Huset is run by its users so your input and ideas matter in terms of future events and activities at the place.

learn more on the webpage of Huset

Sports clubs and associations in Esbjerg

Sports clubs and associations in Esbjerg

If you want to practise any sports when you are not studying at Aalborg University Esbjerg, your options are excellent as there are many sports clubs and associations in Esbjerg. You may, for instance, play football, handball, ice hockey, go for a swim, box or practise martial arts.

At the same time, this gives you an opportunity to meet new people in the town.

learn more on the webpage of Studiebyen Esbjerg (in Danish)

Concerts and theatre shows in Esbjerg

Concerts and theatre shows in Esbjerg

Whether you prefer rock or classical music, Esbjerg has something exciting to offer.

At the popular and nationally known music venue Tobakken (in Danish) you can listen to rock, pop and jazz. If you prefer classical music, you ought to visit The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark where you may also enjoy jazz concerts. In Musikhuset Esbjerg (in Danish) you can enjoy musicals, theatre, opera and stand-up shows etc.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that during the summer, you can enjoy outdoor concerts both at Torvet and in Byparken.

Cafes in Esbjerg

Cafes in Esbjerg

In Esbjerg’s cafes (in Danish) you may enjoy delicious food and drinks, and at Aalborg University Esbjerg you can meet up with other students in the Friday cafe "Smuthullet" (in Danish), which is run by students.

If you enjoy partying, you can participate in university parties organised by the Student Society (in Danish) at regular intervals.

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Student testimonial

Student testimonial

"Esbjerg Municipality, in partnership with Aalborg University Esbjerg, often organize cultural events where you can find a perfect environment for socializing.

People in Esbjerg have a great passion for organized sports, and personally, I love trail running and working out outdoors. Esbjerg offers a lot of green areas such as parks and natural forests, and it's very easy to find places to run or work out during the day. Therefore, I believe that AAU-Esbjerg provides the perfect student life."

Virgil Roland Drimba MSc . Oil and Gas Technology

Watch sporting events in Esbjerg

If you enjoy cheering from the spectator’s seat during sporting events, Esbjerg is the perfect place for you as it offers plenty of opportunities for you to watch handball, football and ice hockey in some of best leagues in Denmark.

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