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Master in Information and Communication Technologies (mICT)

Master in Information and Communication Technologies (mICT)

Academic content

Academic content

The mICT programme offers three specialisations:

  • ICT Services and Platforms (mICT-ISP)
  • Management of ICT Innovations (mICT-MII)
  • Cyber and Information Security (mICT-CIS)

All three specialisations have an interdisciplinary approach combining the above mentioned academic areas. The mICT-ISP specialisation has a more technical focus and provides theories, tools and methods for development of ICT and media services, while the mICT-MII specialisation has a more managerial focus and includes theories, methods and tools for understanding the business processes and service design. 

The aim of the specialisation in Cyber and Information Security (CIS) is to give the participants in-depth knowledge about CIS both from the technological and law perspectives. The elements included in the specialisation are amongst others:

  • Governance of ICT security, with focus on enterprises
  • Trust, Identity and access management
  • Economics of privacy
  • Personal data and privacy (technology, design, legal rules etc.)
  • EU and national IT security and data protection laws regarding cyber-attacks
  • Risk management
  • Cyber security threats such as destructive malware, fake antiviruses & Denial-of-Service attacks in organisations.

In the final thesis the student can choose to focus on the regulatory and law issues or on the security and privacy issues from a technological point of view.


The mICT programme is divided in three parts – three ‘trimesters’. Each trimester focuses on a specific theme and consists of a number of courses and one project. In the trimester project, knowledge acquired in the courses is applied on a specific case of your choice. In your master's thesis (last project), you focus on a specific problem by combining knowledge from the courses and projects. The total workload of this master's programme equals one year full-time university study, and the study activities are distributed over one, two or three years as a part-time study.

A trimester in a:

  • full time (one year) version of the education is equivalent to 4 months
  • part time (two years) version is equivalent to 8 months
  • part time (three years) version is equivalent to one year.

The overall structure of the programme is depicted in the following table:

1st trimester

2nd trimester

3rd trimester

mICT-MII: Organizations and innovations
mICT-ISP: Services and Platforms
mICT-CIS: Pending

mICT –MII: Service Design
mICT-ISP: Application Development
mICT-CIS: Pending
Master's thesis
Work load:
Courses: 10 ECTS*
Project: 10 ECTS
Total: 20 ECTS
Work load:
Courses: 10 ECTS
Project: 10 ECTS
Total: 20 ECTS
Work load:
Courses: 5 ECTS
Master's project: 15 ECTS
Total: 20 ECTS

*) ECTS is an abbreviation of 'European Credit Transfer System' and is a way to describe the workload of a study activity. A Master's program must contain 60 ECTS.

single courses

If you do not have the need to complete a full Master's program, it is possible to follow some of the courses as single courses (see menu to the right).


An overview of the curriculum is listed in the following table:


Course and project modules



Course: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Models   X X X 5
Course:  Cyber Crime and Information Security Law      X 5
Course: Technology Management and Business Processes   X   5
Course: Communication networks and service architectures  X     5
Project: Enterprises Cyber Security     X 10
Project: Organisations and Innovations    X   10
Project: Services and platforms X     10


Course: Interaction Design  X X X 5
Course: Cyber Security and Trust     X 5
Course: Cognitive Psychology    X   5
Course: Development of ICT and Media services  X     5
Project: Privacy & Security Frameworks in Organisations     X 10
Project: Service Design    X   10
Project: Application Development  X     10


Course: Market, regulation and standardisation *Elective *Elective *Elective 5
Course: Identity and access management *Elective *Elective *Elective 5
Project: Master's Thesis  X X X 15

* Students may pick one elective

See the entire curriculum here.