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Master in Information and Communication Technologies (mICT)






Courses are taught at intensive two-day seminars. Typically, a two-day seminar is structured by use of Friday-Saturday both days from 9-17. One course is usually consisting of two two-days seminars distributed over one or two months. Each course is finalised with an exam.


Project work is usually carried out in groups which allow participants to work across disciplinary and job titles. Some homework can be foreseen. Homework as well as project work can be supervised in a combination of participants present at the AAU and e-learning tools. The study programme is in this way tailored to fit the work and life of IT-professionals.


At the third trimester, you have a chance to specialise through choosing one elective course and deciding on the topic and problem formulation of the thesis work.


For all projects, you have the possibility to work with problems and challenges which are relevant for your organisation or company. In that way, there can be created a close link between the daily work you have and the education.


The teaching and learning are built on the principles of Problem Based Learning, which is the core of all teaching and learning at AAU. With the principles of PBL, you learn through working with real world problems and by being able to analyse and identify different solutions. Project work is often carried out in groups which underlines the strengths with Problem Based Learning.


Through the first trimester project, there will be emphasised how principles of PBL and Scientific Methods can be used during the study. You will here be introduced to the principles of PBL, and how to work with academic methods as part of the project work.