Master of Problem Based Learning in Engineering and Science (MPBL)

Programme Content

Programme Content

Structure and overview

The programme is a problem based and project organised study, structured in four semesters. A semester consists of one to three study activities which aims to give participants pedagogical knowledge, skills and competences within the fixed time frame specified in ECTS credits. A semester concludes with one or more examinations within a specific exam period. Examinations are described in the curriculum.

The academic progression of the programme is reflected in the project work. In semester 1 the participants write a personal teaching portfolio, including reflections on educational experiences and possible experiments. In semester 2 the project work includes design and planning of an educational experiment and in semester 3 the educational experiment is implemented and evaluated, if possible. Semester 4 is the Master’s project where participants develop competences to manage complex and unpredictable educational change processes at institutional level within engineering and science education.

A total of 25 ECTS is assessed through external examination and a total of 40 ECTS is marked according to the 7-point grading scale. 

An overview of the programme is depicted in the table.