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Master of Problem Based Learing in Engineering and Science (MPBL)

2. semester: PBL Models

2. semester: PBL Models

The 2. semester aims to support the participants in designing and planning an educational PBL experiment, based on knowledge of PBL principles and models, and knowledge of methods of facilitating students’  learning. The semester consists of two study activities: a course and a project.

It is possible to follow the semester as a single semester if you have already completed the 1. semester of the MPBL programme as a single semester.

It is also possible to follow the course "PBL Models, Facilitation and Blended Learning" from the 2. semester as a single course.


PBL Models, Facilitation and Blended Learning, 5 ECTS

The aims of this course are to support the participants in acquiring knowledge about how PBL learning principles are implemented in different PBL models, and to develop skills for facilitating students’ collaborative, active and blended learning processes in PBL environments.


Design and Planning of a PBL Module, 10 ECTS

The aim of this project is to support participants in developing competences to design and plan educational experiments, based on PBL principles and including elements of curriculum and staff development.


PBL Models, single semester from Master of Problem Based Learning in Engineering and Science


  • One semester - not offered at the moment


  • Online


  • 15

tuition fee

  • DKK 22,000 / EUR 2,950 / Non-EU citizens: EUR 3,515

Application deadline


We reserve the right to cancel the Master's Program as a consequence of an insufficient number of applications or other special circumstances. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change the tuition fee, dates etc.

Single course from 2. semester