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Creative Genius

Want to become a Creative Genius in your field?

We will not teach you more theories or methods within your field of study. Instead we will teach you how to use all you have learned in a more creative way - as a creative genius who can renew and innovate the field.

Student from previous class say:

"It is not just an opportunity for differentiating yourself from you fellow students. It is an exceptional opportunity for personal development. You get the opportunity to practise and reflect about the way your approach a variety of situations in your professional life as well as your private. It has been an eye opening experience for me, and I would recommend it to anybody who feels that their 9th semester should not just be business as usual."

And another student say: "I chose the CG semester to sharpen my skills within my field. I wanted to get deeper into IR theory, but from a different position than the majority of IR students. During the CG semester I learned that being creative/innovative is a skill that can be trained and utilized within all fields. Creativity/innovation is not only about letting go of known frameworks, but very much about teaching yourself boldness and focus of thought."

What is Creative Genius semester?

Taking Creative Genius will add the following to your professional profile:

  • To apply what you have studied so far - in a creative way
  • To have new ideas and make them create an impact in your field of knowledge
  • To master creativity in theory and practice
  • To use creative methodology when doing projects
  • To develop a creative environment for individuals, teams and organizations
  • To train others creativity
  • To develop yourself into a creative genius

Why take this semester?

The Creative Genius semester is equivalent to 30 ECTS. During the semester you are working on a self-defined problem within your own field, maybe in collaborate with a public or private organization and maybe in a combination with an internship. For some students this semester will be a 9th semester as an alternative to an internship or other classes, however, it can be taken as any semester on your master or candidate program. The Creative Genius semester is an opportunity for students from all disciplines and from all over the world. It is an international cross-disciplinary semester with focus on creativity, originality and making an impact in your field.

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All inquiries about how to apply to the Creative Genius semester should be made to our course secretaries: