Innovation and Societal Challenges

Innovation and Societal Challenges

Innovation and Societal Challenges

30 ECTS Semester Specialisation. Business leaders and other decision makers are increasingly confronted with the need to navigate in markets more and more influenced by societal challenges.

The Covid-19 health crisis illustrates the huge impact societal challenges may have on firm-level decisions. Other challenges like climate change, pollution, inequality, migration or ageing populations similarly put a pressure on firms’ strategizing, agility, and innovativeness. Pressure for adapting to this new business landscape stems not only from macro-economic changes and governments, also consumers increasingly demand sustainable products, production processes, and governance structures and –behaviours. In essence, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour is key to business management of tomorrow.

Therefore, this 30 ECTS specialisation semester connects macrosocietal trends and agendas (e.g. the green transformation and inclusive growth) with micro-level decision-making in the firm (e.g. strategic innovation management, workplace learning, sustainabilityoriented business models and supply-chain greening). In the specialisation semester, you will be provided with theory, concepts and methods to analyse the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in coping with challenges from economic, social and sustainable development. 

Module 1: Promoting innovation and Entrepreneurship (5ECTS) 

The module introduces theoretical and analytical foundations for understanding innovation- and entrepreneurship dynamics at various analytical levels (macro-, meso-, and micro) and policies for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Module 2: Advanced innovation management (10 ECTS)

Companies are forced to rethink, reorganise and innovate their business more frequently and fundamentally in order to stay competitive. The course combines an integrative approach to innovation management studies emphasizing the integration of market, technological and organizational change.

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Note: For students who participated in the “Advanced Innovation Management” 10 ECTS elective course on their 7th semester, it is still possible to register to this specialization semester, but to select instead other elective courses available, valued to a 10 ECTS credit in total”. 

Module 3: Semester project within Innovation and Societal Challenges (15 ECTS)

In the semester project, you define and analyse a research problem related to key societal challenges. The project can be carried out in collaboration with a company, or other external organization, and/or be connected to on-going interdisciplinary megaprojects in collaboration with students enrolled in other master’s programs. 

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Download flyer about Innovation and Societal Challenges (pdf)

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Semester coordinator

Yariv Taran
Fibigerstræde 11-room 97A
Phone: +45 9940 9948

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