Social Data Science

Social Data Science

Social Data Science

30 ECTS Semester Specialisation. At Social Data Science you will learn cutting-edge skills in data-driven analytics and how to apply them to real-world issues.

Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly becoming an integral part of everyday life. These technologies are transforming the way how we interact with each other as citizens, but also how services are provided, and decisions are made by businesses and governments. Therefore, data literacy and the capacity for data-driven decision making are in high demand in the public sector and companies alike. 


  • supporting students to manage, analyse and use data in strategic, tactical and operational decision making under uncertainty
  • preparing students for leadership positions within the digital transformation of organisations to create value for businesses and society
  • bridging the gap between university education and professional needs in business, policy, and research

The growing availability of data and data-driven decision processes ask for strong analytics skills in employees of both, technical and non-technical jobs.

While quantitative methods have been increasingly used in social science (and humanities) research in the recent years, practical methods courses were only offered to a limited degrees at universities.

With SDS we created an application focused curriculum which will help you build extendable analytics skills. You will learn state-of-the-art approaches in Machine Learning and AI as well as industry standard tools such as R, Python and you will become comfortable using cloud computing (e.g. Amazon Web Services, MS Azure). Read more at

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The meeting will take place on Thursday, May 7th, at 13:00 in Microsoft Teams.

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Module 1: Applied data science and machine learning 

Module 1 intends to provide an opportunity to sample the core techniques of data science, understand their intuition and application cases.

Module 2: Network analysis and natural language processing 

This module will introduce you to the fields of Natural Language Processing and Network analysis. The aim of the course is to give you insights about networks and unstructured data types, and introduce to state-of the-art approaches to map and analyze these data.

Module 3: Deep learning and artificial intelligence for analytics 

On this module you will be introduced to deep learning, that is a subfield of machine learning, and it is about algorithms that are inspired by the structure and the function of the brain-so called artificial neural networks.

Module 4: Applied social data science capstone project 

The SDS capstone project provides you with a unique opportunity to apply knowledge gained from the programme by working on a real-world data science project in cooperation with a established company, start-up, or research group.

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Semester coordinators

Roman Jurowetzki
Phone: +45 9940 2738

Daniel Hain
Phone: +45 9940 2724

If you have questions about the application procedure, please email