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How to apply

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    The accommodation office has currently no available rooms for students, if you apply you will be placed on the waiting list. We recommend applying for accommodation at the AKU - find under Accommodation elsewhere. 

    Accommodation application

    As an international student, you can apply for a furnished room or apartment in Aalborg, however, only after you have received a letter of admission or a conditional admission letter. Danish students must apply through AKU.
    Please note that you are only entitled to accommodation via the International Accommodation Office if you enrol in courses and participate as an active student at Aalborg University. We recommend that you to apply as soon as possible, as we only have a certain number of rooms and apartments, and we cannot guarantee accommodation for all students.

    For your application to be processed you must pay a part of the full deposit, DKK 2,000 ($345 or EUR270) in advance along with your application for accommodation. For refunding of the pre-paid deposit please see here.


    When you click on THE below link TO apply for accommodation you must:

    1. Create a new user with the name stated in your passport (FULL NAME)
    2. Verify the user in the email. (Please see the spam folder if you can´t see the email)
    3. Log in and fill in the application form


    • Single room (private room) with shared facilities (shared kitchen and bathroom) with other students in a dormitory.
      • Studio apartment with private bathroom and kitchen. (Private facilities)   Single (private room) room in an apartment/house shared by 2, 3 and 5 students, with a shared bathroom and kitchen. 
    • Apartment for couples, please note we only have a few available
    • All rooms are private.

    To see more, please go to the list of accommodation. Please note you cannot choose your preferred accommodation but you can state your wishes which we will try to meet. Make sure you save and finish the application. When you can download a copy of the application form you have finished the application. 

    ACCOMMODATION Application

    The prepaid deposit of DKK 2000.00 is a part of your housing deposit and is deducted from the first payment for rent & housing deposit payment. You will not be allocated a room or apartment without a prepaid deposit. 

    If you cancel the accommodation offer within 14 days, the prepaid deposit will be refunded to the used credit card./to the credit card used for payment, please note DIBS who handles the card payments can deduct a fee from the transfer, and sometimes there can be a fee from your bank.  

    Pre-paid deposit payment


    When can expect news from the ACCOMMODATION office?

    We start allocation in late May for the September intake, and for the February intake, we start allocation at the beginning of December.  


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    After internship

    If leaving for an internship/traineeship, you need to reapply for accommodation upon your return and thus pay the deposit again. There is no guarantee for the same accommodation, but we will do our best to meet your wishes according to the application form. 

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    There is no deadline for applying for accommodation in Aalborg. The International Accommodation Office works by the principle of "first come - first served". This means there is no accommodation guarantee. In case the International Accommodation Office cannot offer you accommodation, you will receive an email with guidance on how to apply elsewhere and how to get back the prepaid deposit.

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    Short-term stay

    We cannot offer short-term accommodation. The lease is for 6 months from either 1 February to 1 August and 1 August to 1 February.
    If you need a shorter period, you can find many different kinds of accommodation like B&B, hostels etc. on Visit Aalborg’s webpage. 

    Visit Aalborg

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    Special wishes/needs

    If you have a disability, wish to live close to a friend or in a particular area etc., you must state it in the application form. We will do our best to meet your wishes and/or needs, though no guarantee is given. 

    Please note that you can have your classes in many different locations. There is the main campus in the east and the city campus in the centre. You must write in the application form if you wish in a certain area. You can see descriptions and locations under the list of accommodation.


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    Accommodation elsewhere

    AKU-Aalborg, Assignment of Dormitory- and Youth Housing, is an association that manages the cooperation between accommodation organisations, independently owned dormitories, privately founded dormitories and Aalborg Municipality regarding the assignment of youth housing.

    Please note, when renting accommodation from AKU, the accommodation is unfurnished and without internet, but maintenance and electricity are included. The application and contract are made directly with AKU.

    You can apply one year before you start your studies. You must read the rules carefully, especially how the offers work.


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    Roof over head guarantee in Aalborg

    A temporary "Roof over head guarantee" is provided by the Municipality of Aalborg in the summertime. To use the housing guarantee, you must have signed up at the AKU. You need the AKU number to use this. Please note; that it is a temporary solution in a hostel where the municipality pays a part of the bill until you have found an accommodation. Using this you are obligated to search for accommodation not only at the AKU but also in private housing.

    This is only for the September intake. Read the conditions below carefully, and make sure you follow the terms and conditions. 

    AKU-Aalborg is an assignment of the dormitory- and youth housing is an association that manages the cooperation between accommodation organisations, independently owned dormitories, privately founded dormitories and Aalborg Municipality regarding the assignment of youth housing.

    Make sure you read the conditions to book the "Roof over head guarantee". 

    Sign up at the AKU

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    Avoid and identify housing scams

    Typically, there are a few tells that can help you identify a scam offer, and a scam can typically include one or more of the following.

    • Be alert of "landlords" offering you a residence at rates that are much lower than the market standard. The old saying "If it seems too good to be true, it is probably not true" comes to mind.
    • Be alert of "landlords" who do refuse to provide a direct contact number or the possibility to view the apartment in person.
    • Be alert if the person is a resident in a country other than Denmark. Look out for email addresses which originate from UK, Germany or any other country outside Denmark. This could indicate that the address given for the property in Denmark may not exist.
    • Be aware of any irregularities in what is being offered to you.
    • Be alert of "landlords" who request you to transfer a deposit and/or rent via wire transfer services, such as Western Union, Moneybookers or Escrow, as these will most likely be transferred out of Denmark, and are untraceable and irreversible.
    • Never pay a deposit in cash. Make a bank transaction so the transaction can be traced. Make sure to transfer the payment to a Danish registration and account number.
    • Be alert of "landlords" offering you a residence to be paid in Euros or Pounds.
    • Never pay cash under the table. It is illegal and you have no legal way of getting your money back.
    • Be alert of "landlords" who request the above-stated deposit/rent before you have even signed a contract.
    • Make sure that you receive a contract signed by the current tenant(if it is a sublet) or landlord. Always read the contract carefully and make sure that what you agree on is also confirmed in writing.
    • Be alert of "landlords" who will pressure you into signing a contract or transferring money straight away. Do not feel pressured into signing anything.
    • Be alert of "landlords" who make their own contracts and do not make use of the official leasing contract. When subleasing a room or an apartment, you must make sure that the landlord/owner of the property is informed of the sublease. This will put you in a better position in case of a conflict between the landlord/owner and the person subletting to you. Should you in any way be unsure about the legitimacy of an offer you have received you can check who owns the property below.
    • Be alert of "landlords" who provide false addresses (addresses that do not exist) or do not specify the floor or apartment number. If you want to see if an address exists you can use this page:
    • Before you commit to anything, make sure that you can register for your CPR number (civil registration number) at the property. It is mandatory to have a CPR number if you are a resident in Denmark - even short-term. You must have a valid address to apply for CPR. It is illegal to use a different address for this purpose. If the person from whom you are renting will not permit you to register their address with the citizen service, do not accept the offer.

    Who owns the property?Does the address exist?


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