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Arrival August 2022

Arrival August 2022

Dear student,

You are about to arrive in Denmark and there are a few things you must read and do before your arrival concerning the tenancy agreement and keys.


You will receive a Danish contract by email as soon as possible in the order of your stated arrival date. The contract must be printed and signed and returned by email. You must bring the agreement while travelling, as the Danish authorities may ask to see it. 

Before signing, we recommend you see our video about the Danish tenancy agreement and read the English translation.

Video guide to understanding the Danish contract.


Unauthorised English translated tenancy agreement


collect of Keys

Appointments to pick up the keys can only be booked 14 days before your arrival and a minimum of 2 working days before your arrival. 

If you arrive outside working hours, you can collect the keys in a key box at Fredrik Bajersvej 1. The key box can only be booked up to 14 days before your arrival date.

Send an email before your arrival with the date and the estimated time of arrival, and you will receive an email with more details.


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Need to know

Please find useful information about the accommodation. 

Need to know

Arrival and covid-19

Please stay updated about covid-19 here.