International Accomodation Office Aalborg


Niels Dahls Allé


The property is located in Gug, which is not far to the east of Aalborg. There are several supermarkets and a fitness center nearby. There is a cycle path connection to the centre and Aalborg University. It is close to the indoor swimming pool and the indoor skating area Gigantium.It is a house from 1976 with 5 rooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen. It is a charming house with large rooms and 2 entrances, surrounded by garden.


There is access to the internet provided by Stofa who can be contacted on 88 30 30 20. The internet is included in the rent.


There are laundry facilities included in the rent.


Distance to Aalborg University, Campus east approx. km.: 5
Distance to the center of Aalborg approx. km.: 4

Public Transport

Public buses


Nils Dahls Allé 1, 9210 Aalborg