International Accomodation Office Aalborg


Sigrid Undsetsvej 290A-344B


This youth residence on Sigrid Undset vej is located in the east of Aalborg, with large green areas. In the east of Aalborg there are many educational institutions, including AAU and University College. Sports and Culture Centre "Gigantium" is also to be found in Aalborg East. The Collegium is located just 5 minutes’ drive on a bicycle from AAU.The property is located just 5 minutes’ drive on a bicycle from AAU. The property was built in 1999 and consists of 66 apartments. All apartments have a private entrance and are located in 2-storey buildings. This is private apartments with own bathroom and kitchen


Internet is included in the rent. It is a wired connection with possibility for wireless. Router for wireless must be purchased by the tenant, if the former student didn´t leave the router.


There are laundry facilities in the collegium. The laundry card is handed out along with the keys.


Distance to Aalborg University, Campus east approx. km.: 0,5
Distance to the center of Aalborg approx. km.: 6

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Sigrid Undsetsvej 290A and 344B, 9220 Aalborg



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