International Accomodation Office Aalborg




Sonjavej is located in Vejgaard, which is a very green area with Golf Park About 2 km. from Vejgaard Square, which has a variety of shops and a local library. Several places in Vejgaard have some great peeks into the city and the shallow bay. The immediate proximity to the city center and AAU makes the district attractive to students.The property was built in 1988 and it consist 62 youth apartments with private entrances. There are apartments with private kitchen and bathroom, and apartments with 2 rooms/2 students who shares bathroom and kitchen


There is access to the internet provided by Stofa who can be contacted on 88 30 30 20. The internet is included in the rent.


There are laundry facilities. The laundry card is handed out along with the keys. Laundry is deducted from the final housing deposit.


Distance to Aalborg University, Campus east approx. km.: 2
Distance to the center of Aalborg approx. km.: 4, 5

Public Transport

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Sonjavej , 9000 Aalborg