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Options for renting through AAU

Student hall rooms

International students at AAU CPH have the possibility to apply for renting a room through the International Accommodation Office Aalborg University Copenhagen (IAO AAU CPH). Please contact the IAO AAU CPH to hear if there are any rooms still available: accommodation@cph.aau.dk

If no rooms are available you will receive information on how to register in the queue on our waiting list.

Please note that the IAO AAU CPH has no apartments or rooms in the city centre.
The student hall is situated outside the city, in a suburban area, but with a reasonable low rent.

Standard renting periods are for 6 months - fixed term - following the semester blocks. Please note that your contract start and end date is always set according to the spring and fall semester, and cannot be adapted to your individual study, arrival or departure dates. 


Danmarks internationale kollegium (DIK)

The renting period for DIK is 6 months, August - January, February - July, but you have the possibilty to apply for an extension of 6 months. 
You cannot rent the room for more than 12 months.

Address: Vognporten 14, 2620 Albertslund

Distance from campus: approx. 14 kilometres

The monthly rent for a student room at DIK through AAU (includes basic furniture) is DKK 3.186 including:

  • Basic furniture (bed, table and chair)
  • Access to a shared kitchen: own cupboard with lock, shared fridge and freezer. NOTE: The common kitchens have only few kitchen utensils for all tenants to use, so you need to bring your own plates and equipment, or to be prepared to buy your kitchen gear at the local shops nearby. 
  • Internet (bring a network cable)
  • Heating
  • Maintenance
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Access to shared washing facilities - online payment by the tenant to the company in charge
  • no pets

Read more about the student hall (click here)


About the rooms

Our student hall rooms are approx. 16 square meters including a small hallway and a private bathroom. Apart from that you have access to common areas, like kitchen and living rooms that vary in size. The common kitchens have few kitchen utensils for all tenants to use, so we advise you to bring your own equipment, or to be prepared to buy your kitchen gear at the local shops nearby. 

Currently AAU CPH only disposes of single person rooms and 1 apartment for two students to share.

Any attempt to register two persons at the single person room is illegal and may result in cancelation of you contract with us.

Likewise, you are not allowed to subrent your room to someone else during the time that you rent with us.

Student accommodation


Do you have questions concerning  applications, prepaid deposit or questions regarding rent payments, rent increases and AAU contracts?

We are ready to help you.

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